May 16, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training - Take 2

As you may know, our first attempt at potty training with London was an absolute failure. She just wasn't ready and it didn't help that our dryer died on us in the middle of the LOOONG weekend. The only thing that got me through sanely was A LOT OF WINE at night. 

I figured we wouldn't revisit potty training until the next long weekend -- Memorial Day. Except that our plans make that difficult - between picking out our new puppy and getting together to see many of Tulley's puppies as well as the puppies' daddy, Tucker, for a puppy reunion, we won't be able to hole up at at home. 

So when my parents came to town a few weekends ago so we could go on our annual wine trip a few weekends ago my mom offers to try again with London. No pressure, just a little coaxing and attempt at having London wear underwear. We took the girls out of daycare that Friday for some extra grandparent time. With the idea of my mom attempting it that weekend, I tried to get London ready, by mentioning that her little friend Fiona down the street used the potty like a big girl the week leading up. 

When I called to check in that Friday, London was accident-free and would be the rest of the day! I was flabbergasted. Saturday and Sunday weren't as good, but better than before. The biggest change - London was telling us, not us pestering asking if she needed to go.

We sent her to school in diapers the week after my parents left but explained to her teacher that we thought it was time to try potty training at school. She agreed. All that is holding London back from moving into the next class is the fact that she isn't potty trained. 

Education-wise, she needs to be in the next class. In our last parent-teacher conference Miss Betty explained that the current class is a bit younger than London so she basically has to present two different lessons each day - one to London and a few older kids and one to the younger kids. The one London gets needs to be more advanced in order to keep her interested. 

So this last weekend we worked with London, putting her in underwear and waiting for her to tell us she needed to go, with us asking occasionally. We had a few accidents, but its remarkable how much better she is at understanding when she needs to go and being able to communicate that to us. We are doing our best to drop what we are doing to meet her needs too. And I didn't go through any wine!

Then on Monday, we took London to school with spare clothes and underwear in case she had an accident. So far, she hasn't had one! Which has saved me from needing to do extra laundry at home this week - something I was dreading. Monday she had one accident at home, but it was as London was on her way to the bathroom and by the look on her face, she wasn't happy with herself. I was just relieved she'd made it to the tile floor! Tuesday was an accident-free day both at school and home and since it was her second day accident-free at school, we all went out for yogurt to celebrate. 

Yesterday, I was even brave enough to not put a pull-up on London for the drive to school. Each morning I wake London up and have her use the potty immediately, but I was sill nervous about the car ride. But I bit the bullet and she was fine. It took a little longer to get to school then normal, so while I was dropping some things off in her classroom I asked if she needed to go. London said she did and was successful on staying dry and using the potty. Same case this morning.

I know there will be more accidents before we are in the free and clear and diapers are still a necessity at nap and night time, plus I need to get used to carrying around an extra pair of clothes for London, but I think we have cleared a major hurdle milestone.

And with this achievement, by London's 3rd birthday, she should be in her new class!

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