Apr 3, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

Our Easter Festivities started a week prior to Easter with an Easter Egg hunt at London's best friend, Evan's house. This was really the first year London understood "looking for eggs" so it made it fun and will definitely be something we will look forward to doing with her, and Sydney, in the years to come.
Unfortunately, just as it was time for the hunt, Sydney got hungry so I stayed back to feed her and missed out on watching London participate in the hunt. Kristen had filled most of the eggs with age approproate toys but the toys were gender specific, so she hid all the girls' eggs in one part of the yard and all the boys eggs in the other part of the yard. With only one other girl attending the party, London didn't have much competition for finding a lot of eggs. 

And according to Cameron, the other little girl, who was two years older than London, was quite helpful, pointing eggs out to London and even putting them in her bucket in the beginning until London caught on! London definitely came back in with a huge smile on her face and really seemed to have enjoyed herself. Hopefully next year I can get to see the action in person - and maybe London can show Sydney how to find the eggs, if Sydney's mobile by then.

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