Apr 16, 2013

A Trip to the Zoo - Sydney's First

The Saturday before illness ravaged our house (waaay back in March), we met up with Vicki & Joe along with Evan, Kristen & Richard to take the girls to the zoo. Thankfully, unlike London's first visit, I remembered the camera. And London's old Sac Zoo hat! This was Sydney's first visit after all. 

And Sydney sure didn't want to miss out. I did forget to bring the Baby Bjorn so we had started out pushing her in the stroller. Sydney wouldn't have it and demanded to be carried about 1/2 of the visit. 

Nothing really grabbed her attention like London at that age - Sydney simply enjoyed being outside. She gets really calm and quiet when she is outdoors and just takes it all in.

London and Evan had a grand time running about and seeing all the animals. We even spent a considerable amount of time inside the reptile house. London really wanted to see an alligator but it wasn't out this visit. What we need to do is take her to San Francisco to the Academy of Sciences to see the alligators there. One of these days...

Unfortunately, the whole visit wasn't as cheerful as we would have liked. When we got to the big cats, the tiger enclosure specifically, we saw that only the male tiger, Castro, was out for viewing. He was so skinny and sickly looking, too. He even had a patch on his back shaved off and what looked like stitches in the middle of that patch. 

Shortly after we had moved on a keeper was telling another family why Castro looked so bad - which reminded me that I had read that he has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. Unfortunately things don't look too good for him even with Chemo. I had recently read all about it on the Sac Zoo Blog. 

I would learn that next Monday from the Sac Zoo blog that the female tiger was in the back, away from display with a cub she had recently birthed! That was good news. At least life goes on. Castro is the daddy to this cub and the cub has been named Castro Junior (C.J. for short) in honor of his father. I also learned from the blog that Castro and the mom have produced 5 cubs together. C.J., like the others, will eventually move on to another zoo in hopes of producing cubs of his own. His mom and he will be on display sometime at the end of May or early June. Since we have a membership we will be sure to go and check little CJ out when we can.

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