Mar 19, 2013

The House of Sick...Ick!

For three weeks in a row I have missed at least one day a week from work due to illness! The first week it may have been an allergy flare up - all I know is I didn't sleep well and woke up with a nasty sore throat from the good 'ol post nasal drip. The sore throat had started the day before while at work where we were surrounded by burning burn piles. I love the smell of burn piles but they make my allergies go all in a tizzy!

The next week I caught the nasty cold that my boss and a few co-workers had been suffering from the week before. It knocked me out cold for one day and I ended up working from home the next just to have the peace and quiet to get work done and be able to work in my PJs from my bed. 

But last week was the worst. It all started Tuesday night at 10:50 PM. I'd been asleep for an hour when I woke up to Sydney coughing over the monitor. London's allergies have kicked into high gear so its not unusual to hear her cough here and there throughout the night. But Sydney is too little to have allergies. I went to investigate. I quickly noticed that the sheet around her was wet and not from a leaky diaper. I assumed she had over eaten and spit up. Mind you, the child is sleeping still. When I put a gentle hand on her belly I could feel that her PJs were saturated too. I know you don't wake a sleeping baby but I had to change her and her bed or she was going to wake up cold any how. 

I was able to transfer her to the floor and keep her asleep. I then went about trying to keep her asleep while I changed her PJs. That's when she threw up. And I knew it was her throwing up versus spitting up by the way her tummy felt on my hand. She was going to need a bath now. So I laid her down on her side and let her babble while I changed the sheets. That's when Cameron came in and realized I wasn't in bed. He'd been talking to my body pillow for some time it seemed. He proceeded to rock her while I finished up the bed and started the bath in our bedroom. At that point I already knew I wasn't going to make it to work for at least one day. 

After Syd's bath she proceeded to throw up some more, but this time she had nothing to throw up. She made gagging and choke sounds that freaked me out so I made a late night call to my dad to reassure myself she didn't need to go to the emergency room. He instructed me to not give her anything if I could get away with it and then only Pedialyte if I had to give her something. I made a mattress of blankets on the floor of her room and slept next to Sydney's crib for part of the night until I could be sure the throwing up phase was over. And Sydney did take Pedialyte several times that night.

Sydney and I were both asleep from exhaustion the next morning so Cameron took London into Daycare on his way to work. It happened his boss was in town this week for tagging along on hospital visits with Cameron. And Cameron would wind up feeling woozy by lunch time. He came home and crashed for several hours after that. He was lucky he never threw up, but now like Sydney, the fun on the other end had started. I was still feeling fine when I went to bed that night. 

But at 2 AM when I turned over to get out of bed to attend to Sydney I felt the firs wave of wooziness. I wouldn't sleep well the rest of the night until 6 AM when I threw up. Afterward, I was still woozy but not so bad that I couldn't sleep. I would end up sleeping the rest of the day and soon the fun on the other end began. 

All our tummies would be off for the next few days and since Sydney still had diarrhea the day after I slept all day, she had to be kept from daycare until all was normal again. That didn't happen until Sunday. I seriously thought I was going to have to miss another day of work yesterday until Sunday evening due to Sydney's butt. 

All I can say is it seems I have no immunity these days. If you are sick please stay away from me. The worst is, I have fallen way behind on my chores in the house, so I spend most weekends trying to catch up on just everyday cleaning needs instead of deep cleaning or home improving or crafting like I would like to be doing. In some ways I feel like I am losing my sense of self. Ugh! 

I hope April is better than March has been. We have a lot of busy and fun weekends coming up that I just can't and don't want to be sick for! We're actually scheduling weekends in July! It seems every year is busier than the last. On top of all this, I have fallen behind in my running and am going to have to make Sundays my running day for a while. Good thing I didn't sign up for any races so far this year. My only goal in that department is to feel strong enough to run the Urban Cow Half in October and the Run to Feed the Hungry 10K on Thanksgiving. I've got time, right? Only time will tell.

How are all of you? Staying well and healthy I hope? 

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