Mar 25, 2013

Sydney: 5 Months Old!

Sydney had been trying to roll over ever since she was 3 months old. And she managed to get herself there twice in one day for Cameron but kept getting stuck on her shoulder whenever I was around. Well, not anymore. Sydney mastered rolling over two weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon. Of course, she did it two times in a row, and each time I had my back turned. As of this Sunday, she is officially 5 months old and can roll back to front with ease.

Sydney has only rolled over once while in her crib, but it only took that one time to remind me that it's time to put the crib bumper up. She was supposed to be down for a nap but I could still hear her crying - she just couldn't calm herself down to go to sleep so I went to investigate. As soon as I walked in I saw her chubby little leg stuck between the crib rails. And it took a little elbow grease on my part to get it unstuck! Sydney has a little red mark there for the next hour. Poor little girl. 

Sydney definitely doesn't roll over like London did once she learned and she still can't roll from front to back. I think she is more interested in getting up and crawling. After the second time I saw her roll over I noticed one knee try to move into crawl position! I was kinda hoping she would crawl a little later than London. Now we're not so sure she won't beat that 6-month timeline London set. Then again, she's not super quick to roll over either. What she really wants to do is sit up these days - that girl can do a crunch like no one's business!

Time sure is flying.One more month and we will attempt to introduce solid foods. We're not big on pushing the solid foods too soon. London didn't take to them until 8 months old. When Sydney does turn 6 months, we'll introduce a vegetable or two, but if she doesn't seem to interested we'll back off and try again in a few weeks. 

The poor little girl is spending another day at home today with a fever. We think she is getting her first tooth, as her nose has started to run but she doesn't sound congested. The fever started last night just before bed and yesterday while at an Easter Egg hunt Sydney used my finger as a chew toy. I swear I felt the beginnings of something sharp on the lower front right. She has entered the good old first tooth appearance time frame, so we will see. I just hope the fever breaks soon as she just seems miserable and only wants to sleep and eat. Never like to see my girls not feeling well plus is makes it hard to go to work as I just want to be home to take care of them myself. Luckily Sydney is in great hands with our neighbor Lauren. I doubt she will put Sydney down all day :)

We also think Sydney is about to grown as she is putting down the ounces like nobody's business. Can't wait to see what the next month brings - she has her 6-month appointment the day after she turns 6 months. We just pulled out London's old 6-9 month clothing as Sydney is more than ready for the PJs and growing out of most of her onsies too. The only issue is, when London wore these clothes it was winter - not spring! Likely, we will be going shopping for some things for both girls soon, as London needs spring wear as well.

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