Feb 13, 2013

Sleepless Nights

You'd think Sydney would be the one keeping us up at night. 


Sydney only gets up once, eats a full bottle and then passes right back out. Since we've switched to the Level 2 nipples, this usually is less than a 10 minute interruption to our night's rest.

I count all this as a HUGE Blessing. 

London, on the other hand....

Has been driving us nuts. Some nights she has been up almost every hour and not just a short few minutes, then calms herself down and goes back to sleep. Oh no, she usually ends up screaming for quite a while if we don't go in there to calm her down. 

When we do go in there, all she wants us to do is lay down with her. This has even resulted in her joining us in bed in the wee hours of a few mornings, when we just couldn't take it any more. And the kid sleeps soundly when she has been allowed to snuggle in between Cameron and myself, and with Tulley at her feet. But it makes for one crowded bed.Don't forget, we also have Kelsey somewhere in our bed and even Jake has taken to joining us again.

There are only two explanations for London's screaming it seems. London is either afraid of the dark or she is afraid of her closet. She hasn't quite been able to tell us which one it is. Maybe its a mixture of both. All she can do is say she is scared and recently she pointed to the closet as she said that. 

If it is a fear of the closet, we have ourselves to blame. One of London's favorite movies is Pixar's Monsters, Inc. We have decided we won't let her watch this one for a while, even though when she watches it, she laughs. 

We also made a trip up to Babies R Us Monday night to purchase a nightlight. A cute purple and pink butterfly nightlight that plugs into the wall and has an on switch. Monday night London only woke up once. She was still a cranky monster in the morning, but she only got up that once, which was when we were headed to bed so our only interruption that night was Sydney. 

Sadly, this was the only night the butterfly nightlight lasted. Last night, London was sent to her room for throwing a tantrum when we told her no to watching her current favorite show, Bubble Guppies. We have taken to sending her to her room as she usually calms down and gets distracted playing with her toys in there. And she was only in there a few minutes, before I rescued her. She had actually just walked out into the loft as I was finishing changing out of my work clothes so I never looked inside her room. 

Not that I would have seen the broken nightlight quickly given all the toys scattered across her room. Cameron discovered it, busted and on the floor when he went to turn it on while putting London to bed last night. The little stinker did something to it, managing to get it out of the wall and left it in pieces on the floor. All Cameron could do was open her curtains to let the street light in for the night. 

And Guess What!

The little stinker slept the WHOLE night through. Not sure if it was the street light or just that fact that exhaustion caught up to her. Guess we will find out tonight. On top of that, while she was sleepy this morning, she wasn't cranky nor did she fight me to get ready. Instead, she had opinions on what she wanted to wear (which she has never really had before) and wanted her hair to look pretty by putting some ribbon barrettes in it, which she kept in her hair all the way to school! She only pulled them out when they started slipping out, which is just a curse of having her very thin hair.

Cross your fingers that we have a similar night tonight. And a similar pleasant morning tomorrow.

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