Feb 20, 2013

Our First Attempt At Potty Training

Cameron and I set aside the long Presidents Day weekend to attempt to potty train London. We've been told she is ready from her daycare as she doesn't go through many diapers at all and is good at going potty there. 

I did a ton of research and we began preparing a month ago, when London picked out her "Disney Princess" themed training seat. 

This even plays music!
The week before we took London to Target to pick out some big girl underwear and got a few small, low-price toys to go in her "Poo" Prizes bag as well as stickers for successful pees. 

I made a fun bag to hold the "Poo" Prizes
Her "Poo" Prizes - Toy Story Figurines, Cheap Toy Sunglasses, Tub Crayons
Lots of stickers

I made this chart to put her stickers on each time she went potty in the toilet

Saturday morning, when London got up I put her in underwear. And within an hour she had an accident. I blamed myself as I went against all I had read by even putting London in underwear. We didn't have another accident all day with the underwear removed and London was really great at jumping up and running to the bathroom saying that she needed to go. She even told me to pause her show so she could go once. 

We got this book to read while London sat on the potty. She was more interested in pushing the button to make a flushing sound. I may find a different book for our next round.

Sunday morning we started out underwear-less again. After a few successful attempts, we introduced the underwear. But what differed between Saturday and Sunday was that London needed to go more often and had to be repeatedly asked if she needed to go and even placed on the toilet when we knew she probably had to go even though she was saying that she didn't. We had two accidents that day. 

Monday it just got worse and we ended with 3 accidents. And our dryer died! So there we had a pile of items in need of laundering and no way to dry them. Sorry but I hate line-dried clothes. Not that I had anywhere to hang anything else as we discovered the dryer was dead when all our clothes, including all my work pants were in the washer or dryer so I had adult clothes hanging over stair rails, towel racks and my poor excuse of a dryer rack.

The accidents seemed to happen when Cameron and I would let our guard down for even a minute to discuss something - like whether we should just replace the dryer or get a new washer too? And which ones? We were both left exhausted at the end of each day. I drank a lot of wine. And there may have been some dives into London's ice cream. Sunday night I was so exhausted I cried. 

Upon reflecting on the weekend, Cameron and I both agreed the weekend had not been successful and London just wasn't ready. We can't have our weekends and evenings so focused and dedicated to watching London. We'll revisit potty training with London in a month or two (likely Memorial Day weekend since it is our next 3-day weekend and everything I read was for a 3-day process). And next time we try we may avoid underwear and go 1 1/2 days with no clothes and then introduce pants without underwear to see if that makes a difference. 

Cameron and I did have a lovely belated Valentine's Dinner with homemade sushi on Saturday which I will post about soon.

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