Feb 15, 2013

OMG, We're THOSE Parents

You knows those parents of kids in your class growing up that didn't really participate in special class activities. Like not thinking to send their kids to school with Valentine's for every one on Valentine's Day? Yep, that was us. 

Honestly, it never even occurred to Cameron or myself to bring in Valentines. We didn't bring Valentines last year but I did make a layered Jello for the party if memory serves me right - that's how we learned London was intolerant to Red and Blue dyes. But that was also at a different daycare. 

And it still really didn't occur to me when I dropped the girls off yesterday. I noticed the older kids class had a sign about a party. But I wasn't aware of anything for London's class. And it didn't occur to Cameron when he picked London up and was handed a goody bag full of Valentines. It didn't occur until he was showing me it after the girls were in bed. That's when I asked if we were supposed to bring something that day. We both suddenly realized we were THOSE parents. 

And Cameron grabbed the keys and headed straight for Walgreens to get something. He came home with Snoopy Valentines and stickers and some Go Fish-type playing cards. I promptly put 16 Valentines together, placed them in a paper bag and wrote to her teacher claiming we just "forgot to bring them in yesterday". I don't think we will ever forget Valentines Day for the girls classes again!

I did arrive home to a card from London, Sydney, Tulley and Cameron. Cameron says London picked it out herself but I'm still not so sure. It was Peanuts themed but the saying in it was just too good. And he says she picked out the Peanut Butter M&Ms. If she did, she has good taste. I made my usual Valentine card for Cameron, glittering up the 5 of hearts card from a deck and placing it on some red paper with a saying I found online written inside. I got the idea the year we got married and have since given him the Ace of Hearts, 2 of hearts, 3 of Hearts. I managed to get the 4 of hearts made last year but not on the card so Cameron got it this year with the 5 of hearts. Nothing to fancy but fun all the same. I'll have to come up with something new when I hit the 10 of hearts. 

And now we are less than 24 hours away from the big potty training weekend. I think London's ready: 

She picked up her pack of Ariel underwear on the stairs this morning and insisted on taking them in the car. Before I knew it, she had the package opened and little undies all over. I'm surprised I managed to get her to leave them behind in the car for daycare! And I couldn't resist taking a pic at a stop light. 

I still don't think she fully comprehends what she is in for this weekend. Nor do I, for that matter. I'm excited but at the same time nervous and sad. My baby is growing up. At the same time, it has been getting a little embarrassing that I am still changing a diaper on a child that looks like she should be potty trained. It doesn't help she is so tall and people think she is 3 or 4. Wish us luck. If I have the energy at night I will try to post progress reports. 

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