Feb 12, 2013

Hard Drop off At Day Care Today

It can be hard leaving these two little faces behind at day care any day, but today was particularly rough leaving behind Sydney. 

At 3 months old she is giggly and smiley, especially when she is looking at Cameron or myself. When I dropped her off for her first day of daycare, back when she was 6 weeks old, I cried all the way home and couldn't wait to pick her up that evening. My biggest fear was that she would come to recognize her main care provider, Miss Amber, as her mommy over me. And so glad to say that is not the case. Her little blue eyes light up every time I see her. Even in the morning, as she slowly wakes out of sleep, she is smiling both with her lips and her eyes. 

Sydney has come to love Miss Amber in a special way as well. Which is great as I want her, as little as she is, to feel secure in where I am trusting to leave her 5 days a week. Every morning when we arrive Miss Amber comes up to Sydney and says hello before taking her out of her car seat.

This morning, Miss Amber wasn't there. Something must have come up, as usually she tells me when she won't be there and either Miss Jenn or Miss Shannon are there in her place. Today it was Miss Tiffany (I think). She's not normally in the infant room, but making breakfast and waiting with the older kids for buses to arrive to take them to school, that's why I'm not even sure on her name. London knows it and will say hello most mornings.

I went about my usual drop off routine, labeling the bottles for the day and filling out the necessary forms. Then I took Sydney out and laid her on the floor. She followed me with her eyes from the moment I laid her down until I exited the room and said goodbye. She didn't have her normal smile on her face, but more of a concerned look, as if asking "who are you leaving me with? Where is Miss Amber and why are you not staying until she shows up?" Made my heart melt and made me feel bad that I was leaving her in a situation she clearly knew was not normal. I can't wait to see her after my run this evening. I may not put her down all evening if I can get away with it. 

The best part is Sydney won't mind a bit. She is such a snuggler, although she did roll over for Cameron, twice, on Saturday during my run with SacFit. Little stinker won't even attempt a roll over for me. 

As for Superbowl, we had a great party, minus the Niners losing. It got pretty heated among the adults watching after the power went out, which was when we sent the 4 older kids up to the loft to watch a movie. Gotta love our loft now that kids are old enough to be out of eye-sight but within ear-shot. We had 11 adults, 4 kids, and 3 little ones in attendance. This was a much more desirable number to have than the 35 people from last year. 

This past Saturday was our crab feed as well. The event sold out, which was fantastic for our friend Christina, who is the president of the Active 20-30 chapter that put the feed on. They even ran out of crab! I left my phone in my purse, which I left in the car, so I don't have any photos to show. And next year I need to remember NO JELLO SHOTS. They did me in and Sunday was a rough day for me. Luckily, we had Vicki and Joe stay the night since they were watching the girls and they were able to stay that morning so Cameron and I could get a little more shut-eye in. 

We did go to Target Sunday to get the necessary items for this next weekend - London's potty training weekend. Wish us luck!

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