Feb 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Got any fun plans? 

Tonight, Cameron and I decided to keep things the same. We'll be celebrating on Saturday night when we attempt to make sushi and dive into the bottle of La Grande Dame Champagne he got me for Christmas. So excited to taste it! We've be wanting to try it forever it seems. We're big champagne people. Our attempt at sushi will be interesting to say the least. I bought Cameron sushi knives for his birthday years ago (I think in 2006) and we have not once used them. At least they should be nice and sharp. 

We actually hardly ever celebrate Valentine's Day on the actual day.We've also only gone out once to a nice restaurant. All other celebrations have been at home with a special home cooked meal, a movie and cuddle time. Occasionally we get each other gifts but only when the mood strikes. Last year I got roses and chocolates while I got Cameron a pan for gold panning. One of these days we will go somewhere to try it out.

Do you think its important to celebrate on Valentine's Day or just to try and put a day (or night) aside to celebrate the idea of Valentine's Day?

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