Feb 26, 2013

A Belated Valentine's Day Celebration

Given our week days are busy enough as it is, Cameron and I opted to postpone our Valentine's Day celebration this year. We've never put much on an emphasis on the day any how. After a year that had Cameron in Virginia on the actual day, we decided that what matters most to us is just setting aside the time to be together. I think we even said happy Anniversary or Valentine's day one night when we made a lovely dinner and had a bottle of champagne with it, just because we felt we should acknowledge the occasion. And we definitely have no desire to go out and battle other people for limited menus, seating and babysitters. So this year we decided on an attempt at making sushi and enjoying my Christmas present - a bottle of La Grande Dame Champagne!

I didn't actually help in the making of the sushi - all the credit goes to Cameron. He did all the research to figure out how to make the rice, my favorite spicy tuna rolls and how to even roll all the deliciousness up. 

Cameron even did all the prep work and actual rolling. In a way, he was waiting on me. But remember I was also the main one suffering through our failed potty training weekend - and while Day one was the better of the three days, it was still exhausting. I now have the Bubble Guppies theme song and Get up and go outside song pretty well memorized. 

Cameron did a fantastic job and it was a wonderful dinner to unwind with after the long day.

We did decide that next time, we will need to visit the International Market near Target to get try and get sushi grade fish. The Ahi Tuna from Bel Air was quite good but the salmon left us with a bit to be desired. And based on the amount of time it took Cameron just to prep the makings of our meal, sushi making in our house will be reserved for special evenings. 

We did agree we need to try and have special dinner nights like this more often as it was like a mini-date. With limited options for childcare, we don't have enough go out on enough dates. Not that the evening was all that exciting. We ate and watched the last 3 episodes ever of Fringe. We're quite sad to see that show end.

We waited until after dinner and a glass of water before opening the La Grande Dame. We wanted to make sure our pallets were fully ready to taste this champagne as we have heard so many good things about it over the years. It was AWESOME! It's definitely in our top 3 of really nice champagnes, maybe number 1. We're not experts in any way, shape or form, but we know what we like. This one had a delicious, yet dry taste and lots of little bubbles. And boy, was it powerful. A little of it can go a long way. 

We, of course, broke out our special housewarming Swarovski Champagne Glasses to enjoy. Cameron surprised me when we moved into our house with these. Our only wish is that we had bitten the bullet and bought them for our wedding. I highly recommend La Grande Dame for celebrating special occasions when you can afford it. And make sure you enjoy is slowly throughout the night!

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