Jan 30, 2013

Sydney Lee: 3 months Old

Hard to believe but our little Sydney turned 3 months last week! She is beginning to smile and giggle/coo more and more every day. She eats anywhere between 4 and 7 ounces at a time, averaging about every 3 hours or so. And Sydney is only getting up once a night to feed, most of the time. Plus, she waits to complain about a wet diaper until 6 or 7 AM. 

Unfortunately, she does have a nasty case of cradle cap. London had it too and for her I would rub oil in her hair at the start of bathtime and wash it out at the end. We've stepped up Sydney's bath routine to do the same. Hopefully we get some control over it soon. I'm not sure we can pull off nightly baths, but we are trying most nights. 

Sydney came out with pretty strong head control and she only improves on it everyday. She has been caught with another cold but she seems to be working through it and her projectile spitting up has subsided some. Unfortunately, I feel the colds are stifling her practicing to roll over, as more often than not, we place her in a boppy pillow to elevate her head some. When she is completely flat she has more of a tendency to spit up thanks to post nasal drip. 

Sydney is also creating her own bedtime naturally, as she is usually ready to sleep around 8 PM. London is going down around 7:30 these days so it allows us only a brief amount of time with her alone each evening, but we'll take it.We've also found that putting the girls down to bed each night can take almost an hour, between baths, London with teeth brushing and a book, and Sydney taking a bottle before she goes down. The child is a slow eater!

We are desperately missing our swing as it died at the beginning of the month. Sydney isn't quite ready for the exersaucer and demands to be held at times when we really need to get things done, but we know we need to enjoy the cuddles while they last. Sydney is definitely more of a cuddler than London was, even at this age. Sunday, while at the grocery store, Syd had had enough riding in her car seat (or the chair of torture, as we have been calling it since London resisted it, back in the day), so Cameron ended up carrying her the entire shopping trip!

We have been placing Sydney in the Bumbo chair (supervised at all times, of course) to work on her sitting and neck muscles to prep her for when she can play in the exersaucer. Hopefully, that day is not too far off. 

Sydney is also more interested in her surroundings and toys. Her favorite is a stuffed dog with ribbon tags all over it that she can grasp at. The other night, she entertained herself with it while I picked up her room and put away her laundry.And last night it helped me get dinner on the table for Cameron and myself. 

All in all, Sydney has been a perfect little addition to our family and quickly we are forgetting what it was like with just London. We definitely barely remember what it was like when it was just Cameron and I.


  1. so adorable.. a swing was a life saver when it came to our boy..
    i love the last few lines of your post.. we are hoping to add to our little family in the near future and you said it so perfectly.

    1. Good luck with the family expansion!