Jan 28, 2013

Sacramento's Home & Landscape Expo

We didn't have gran plans for this past weekend. Saturday I had SacFIT and a hair appoint - oh so exciting, huh? Don't get me wrong, I love that I am back running - or trying to. I'll post a little more about that soon, but for now I will focus on Sunday. 

Cameron had heard that the Sacramento Home & Landscape Expo was taking place at the State Fairgrounds over the weekend and he asked that we go on Sunday. We love going to these shows for ideas and possibly to source out building resources. One of these years we do hope to hire someone to build a pergola in the backyard.

As planned, on Sunday, we packed up the girls and the two strollers and braved the cold. Luckily, most vendors were located indoors. And while we did see some interesting things and took pictures of ideas to reference later, we weren't that impressed. We actually felt we were seeing the same vendors and displays from a show at the Fairgrounds we attended last year. 

Turns out, we missed HALF the show! Cameron figured that out last night after perusing the show guide. Take note - always take a moment to look at the entire map of the show guide or you will wind up like us and miss stuff, like the HGTV meet & greet room!

The day wasn't a total loss, though. I found the first piece I need to start decorating our new entrance hall. I always said we would need to start with a rug. And low and behold, there was a rug vendor in one of the pavilions we did walk through. Selling rugs up to 80 percent off to boot! Ok, so the company is actually going out of business and that was the reason for the heavy markdowns, but still. The best part was they had a nice selection of hallway runners, and Cameron and I found one we liked. The one we purchased was only 60 percent off, but still, it was a great bargain.

Which leads me to think that the first project I will tackle this year in the house will be the hallway. Cameron actually completed the taping and mudding of the outside office walls last weekend while the girls and I were in Tahoe, so really there is just texturing before I can paint the new walls and the rest of the hall. After some baseboards and door trim we can put down the new carpet. All that we really need after that is a hall table and a mirror. Ok, so it may take me until June to even paint the walls and trim, but I have a project to focus on. 

I'd supply a picture of the new rug, but I didn't take one at the show and we won't be unrolling it until the texture, paint, baseboards and trim are done. Stay tuned!

On a side note, it was quite encouraging and heartwarming to see how nice people were attending the show. It's a bit of a task to get in and out of the heavy expo doors when you are both pushing a stroller. We also discovered half of the automatic doors for those in wheelchairs weren't working. But plenty of people were quick to grab and hold a door open for us when we were trying to go in or out of a building. While London is getting too big for a stroller most days, places like these it is so important as there were lots of people, even for a Sunday on the last day of the event. She is a bit stubborn about holding hands, particularly when she is tired and she could have easily gotten lost or we would have had to leave early had it not been for the stroller.

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