Dec 9, 2012

London Yvonne - 2 1/2 Years Olds

Weight: 30 lbs (70%)
Height: 38 1/4" (97%)

London joined us for Sydney's 6-week well baby visit and first shots. I had scheduled her to get the flu mist and she could get one immunization so that starting at 3 years old she only gets one shot a year. And since she was there, they decided to do her stats as well. Kinda crazy to have one kid standing on the scale and standing to be measured while the other is in the little car seat scale and making marks head to toe on paper to measure her height.

London did great with the flu mist and was so brave for her Hep A shot. This was only the second shot she has received in the arm. London didn't shed even one tear, she was so brave. Both Cameron and I were quite proud of her. 

London has grown developmentally in leaps and bounds since she turned two. Her vocabulary has increased exponentially and she can string sentences together quite well. Just last night she clearly communicated that she wanted me to sit next to her at the dinner table. And she remembers information quite well, including the fact that grandma and grandpa live in Tucson. 

Cameron and I definitely think the new daycare has a lot to do with this progress. She's even slowly getting potty trained by them. Now we just need to focus on it at home. The delay is thanks to Cameron and me not being ready, otherwise London probably would be. I think we will be ready soon, once we are getting some proper sleep again. I've read takes a lot of patience which is a bit short these days. Right now, we are really working on getting London to focus on tasks at hand and not getting distracted when we really need her to do something, like walk through the front door so we don't run her over because we can't see her over the car seat with Sydney in it.

~ Sarah

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