Dec 9, 2012

London Yvonne - 2 1/2 Years Olds

Weight: 30 lbs (70%)
Height: 38 1/4" (97%)

London joined us for Sydney's 6-week well baby visit and first shots. I had scheduled her to get the flu mist and she could get one immunization so that starting at 3 years old she only gets one shot a year. And since she was there, they decided to do her stats as well. Kinda crazy to have one kid standing on the scale and standing to be measured while the other is in the little car seat scale and making marks head to toe on paper to measure her height.

London did great with the flu mist and was so brave for her Hep A shot. This was only the second shot she has received in the arm. London didn't shed even one tear, she was so brave. Both Cameron and I were quite proud of her. 

London has grown developmentally in leaps and bounds since she turned two. Her vocabulary has increased exponentially and she can string sentences together quite well. Just last night she clearly communicated that she wanted me to sit next to her at the dinner table. And she remembers information quite well, including the fact that grandma and grandpa live in Tucson. 

Cameron and I definitely think the new daycare has a lot to do with this progress. She's even slowly getting potty trained by them. Now we just need to focus on it at home. The delay is thanks to Cameron and me not being ready, otherwise London probably would be. I think we will be ready soon, once we are getting some proper sleep again. I've read takes a lot of patience which is a bit short these days. Right now, we are really working on getting London to focus on tasks at hand and not getting distracted when we really need her to do something, like walk through the front door so we don't run her over because we can't see her over the car seat with Sydney in it.

~ Sarah

Dec 6, 2012

Sydney Lee - 6 Week Stats

Sydney Lee - 6 Weeks
Weight: 11 lbs 4 oz (80-85%)
Height: 23" (90-95%)
Head Circumference: 14 1/2" (15%)

Yesterday, Sydney turned 6 weeks old. Today, we went in for her 6-week check-up and for her first shots. Poor little girl did not enjoy those two needle pricks, that's for sure. I wanted to cry right along with her. Everything checked out good, though, and we have another healthy, growing little girl. 

Growing is understatement. At 6 weeks, Sydney has already outgrown her footed pajamas. Glad I didn't invest in too many 0-3 month PJs. Actually, when we did go shopping for her, I tended to get 3-6 month sized clothing as I suspected Sydney would be a lot like London. London outgrew these PJs at 2 months, so in some ways Sydney is on an even faster track. 

Sydney is coming into her own and beginning to look less and less like London's mini-me, but I don't think there will ever be a question the two are sisters. 

We've had our challenges with Sydney. While in the hospital, we started her on the formula available there, Gerber GoodStart. This was the same with London, but when London was 6 months we switched her to Enfamil, as we could purchase it at Costco. London didn't have any issue with it. When we got home from the hospital we switch Sydney to the Enfamil Newborn. We quickly determined Newborn was not the way to go for Sydney so we switched her to the Enfamil Infant. Things seemed to be better, but over time we have determined its just not right for her, making her especially gassy and uncomfortable, so we are back on Gerber Good Start. We made switch on Tuesday and already are seeing some promising changes. Sydney is finally ok with wiggling on the floor for more than 2 minutes, and I have to say I think the gassyness was a reason why she didn't like this position. 

Given the girls are 6 months apart in the time of year they were born as also proved interesting. While we mainly dressed London in onsies and used thin blankets with her, with Sydney we have found the thicker blankets are much more necessary as are the footed PJs. And Sydney getting congested so quickly in her young life was worrisome - so much so I insisted on taking her to the doctor last week just to be on the safe side. He said not to worry, it would work itself out, which it did. That's also how we know she has gained a whole pound in just a week and a half! 

Sydney is still sleeping in our room and boy is she noisy! We'll probably be moving her into her own room next week if not tomorrow. I just need to get a few things up on the wall and raise the bed first. Cameron and I are both looking forward to her sleeping longer stretches as well. Right now, Sydney falls asleep somewhere between 10 and 11 at night and makes it  to 2-2:30, but then is up again between 4 and 5 and again at 6 or 7. And after she wakes up at 4 or 5 she is usually restless until she wakes up at 6 or 7, eats a little and goes to sleep more soundly afterward. I am hoping this changes when she is in her own room and by the time I head back into the office in January. I'm definitely living off Diet Pepsis and not drinking enough water. 

~ Sarah

Introducing Sydney Lee Cenedella

Sydney Lee Cenedella - 10/24/12

You know that saying "The days are long but the years are short"? It is so true! As hard as it is for me to believe, Sydney has been with us for 6 weeks already! We took her to the doctor for her first shots and second round of growth stats this morning, but I'll save that info for another post (which will hopefully be soon!). For now, let me get you caught up on her arrival and first month. 

The first two weeks were a bit of a blur for me, between the hospital stay and the drugs, and it took us some time to establish ourselves as a family of four. Having a second child is a big adjustment as it is, and we have also been adjusting to Cameron's new job and the travel schedule it brought in the beginning. Did I mention we all came down with a cold, even poor Sydney got the sniffles. 

Sydney arrived at 8:11 AM on October 24, 2012 as planned. I did, however, go into labor while we were waiting for the c-section. When they hooked me up to the monitors at 5:30 AM that morning, the nurse was quite shocked at all the contractions. I wasn't feeling any of them at the time. But around 7 AM I did start to feel them. Luckily, they never got painful before I walked back to the OR and received the spinal block. I do have to say that was a bit more uncomfortable than I expected until the drugs took affect.

Sydney weighed in at 7 lbs, 15 oz and measured at 20 1/2 inches. She scored two 9s on her APGAR tests. As soon as I heard Sydney cry I was transported back to the day London was born. And she looked just like London, at least to me, though more like London after the swelling of the trauma of her birth had gone down.

The whole experience for me was much better than last time as hoped. The anesthesiologist was great as were my surgery nurses. My nurse did a good job of distracting me during the spinal block by getting me to talk and letting me squeeze her hand. The anesthesiologist did a great job of explaining every thing to me before and while he was putting the spinal block in and was great at explaining to me what was going on throughout the delivery. He even said that I would be feeling people touching me, and he assured me I would not feel the cutting of me - he was correct. And I didn't need the Demerol shot afterward as I didn't shake. I was, however, sick to my stomach and would be for most of the day. I also itched like crazy. All side effects of the medicine to numb me. When I mentioned the itching to the anesthesiologist when he came to check on me later that morning, he quickly prescribed me Benadryl to help alleviate the discomfort. The rest of the day was pretty much a blur. I remember my parents coming with London for a short visit. I was still very sick to my stomach but did my best to act as normal as possible for London. And she took seeing me hooked up to IVs and such in stride. I also remember Vicki and Joe visiting but I don't actually remember seeing them. I was so sick at that time I had to be laying down with my head to the side and my eyes closed to keep from loosing anything that may have been in my stomach at the time. Poor Cameron had to keep his lunch outside the room as the smell of it didn't add to my comfort.

We were saddened to learn that the nursery was no longer available to us. Apparently, Mercy felt they were sending too many first time moms home without having spent a full night with their new baby. Problem with that is they are then sending first time moms and dads home sleep deprived. I can't say I got more than two hour stretches of sleep in and was quite ready to go home by Saturday morning.

Sydney is settling in, and London has accepted her amazingly well. London even acknowledges that I am Sydney's mom just like I am her mom. We're currently getting up about 2-3 times a night with Sydney, with a few bad nights thrown in there. And we have had some issues with the formula, but we think we have it all figured out by now.

Sydney looks a lot like London, especially with the expressions she makes. But Sydney is also very different. For one, she has a lot more hair than London had. And London's eyes were grayer and lighter - Sydney's are quite blue still. We'll see if that color sticks - London's really didn't turn brown until she was almost 1. Sydney also has gotten her chubby little cheeks sooner than London and is continuing that trend in the weight department, despite spitting up a lot more than London. Some of that can be attributed to the stuffy nose she had for a while.

Stay tuned for her 6 week stats.And make sure to click on her album to the right to see all her pictures so far.

~ Sarah