Oct 8, 2012

Weekend Update: Sept 29 & 30 and Oct. 6 & 7

Looks like I’m a bit behind on Weekend Updates. Sorry. I’m slowing down even more these days and spent the last week spending as much time with Cameron and London before I dropped Cameron off at the airport this morning. He’s on his way to Ontario to ride-along and job shadow a co-worker all week to get a feel for what his new job will be like. Luckily, he’s only gone 4 nights versus 10, this time around. And thanks to all our wonderful friends I have plenty of people to call should Sydney decide to make an early debut. I still don’t think she will. She’s having way to much fun making me feel uncomfortable and kicking my ribs.

Ok, back to weekend wrap-ups. On Saturday, September 29, my mom, London and I received a visit from Vicki, Joe and Connor. Vicki and Joe had some business to take care of in Sacramento, so Connor stayed with us to play with London and Tulley. London just adores her big cousin and Tulley was definitely in need of some rough and tumble play without Cameron being around for a whole week. The poor dog knows hunting season is just around the corner and is full of an unusual amount of energy, begging for someone to throw something for her to retrieve. Just 12 more days and she’ll be in dog-heaven, especially since Cameron got a great draw at one of the best refuges around for opening day.

Sunday morning, London and I said good-bye to my mom as she headed home. I felt so bad as my mom was not feeling well when she left and when she called me on Tuesday to say she had made it home safe and sound, she had no voice left. I’m sure London carried something from daycare and gave it to my mom. Kids are little carriers that is for sure. And my mom will likely just begin to feel like her normal self just time to turn around and come back out here for Sydney’s arrival. Hard to believe but she and my dad will be here next Friday.

Early Sunday afternoon, just after London went down for her nap, my childhood friend Sara and her husband Jim stopped by to have lunch with me. They were in town for another friend’s baby shower and were kind enough to extend their trip to stop in and see me. It’s been ages since we have even talked, so it was great to catch up with them and learn how the Bay Area has been treating them since they moved back there last year from Sacramento.

But the best thing about Sunday night was Cameron coming home. And he was home much earlier than expected – 4:30 pm! The rest of the evening we just enjoyed being our little family of 3, together again. Of course, Tulley was going nuts having Cameron walking in smelling of other dog and birds! We made sure to take her out a couple of times last week for some retrieving sessions.

One of those sessions even included London telling Tulley to sit and stay, throwing the bumper into the grass, then standing next to Tulley like Cameron does and pointing her in the direction of where the bumper landed. The cherry on top was London giving Tulley the “dead bird” command to go get the bumper! So over-the-top cute! I only wish we had gotten it on film. Makes me think Cameron is going to have himself a little hunting sidekick after all, or we will at least have a little dog trainer on our hands.

This past Saturday we headed over to the Tarrs to celebrate Brayden’s first birthday! Alyssa had chosen an airplane theme and had cute little details everywhere, including a “baggage claim” where the kids could pick up their goody bags on the way out the door.

Several of our friends were there and it was good to catch up with everybody. Unfortunately for me, it was once of the worst days I have experienced in this pregnancy as I hardly slept at all Friday night due to burning hips that continued to burn throughout the day despite the Tylenol I took.

Luckily, I wasn’t alone in the sleep deprivation area – poor Kim is in her first semester of nursing school. We hardly hear from or see her these days, which is completely understandable as she says she is up until 11:30 PM studying and then wakes up at 4:30 AM to start her day. Somehow, she still has time to keep herself in immaculate physical shape which is both awe-inspiring and irritating.

It’s mainly irritating to me right now as I am dying to get back into running. Cameron has dragged me into two sports equipment stores in the last week and with the cool weather FINALLY here, all the running gear is just calling to me. I was half tempted to sign up for and walk the Run to Feed the Hungry 5K on Thanksgiving, but that’s only 4 weeks after having Sydney and figured not only would Cameron prevent me from attending it but that my doctor would also put the kibosh on it.

It also didn’t help that this weekend was the Urban Cow Half Marathon, the last half marathon I ran and one of the most beautiful runs I have been on. Several of my old SacFit friends were running it this weekend. Oh the jealousy.

At least I have asked my SacFit friends to let me know when registration for the Winter/Spring 2013 session opens up. I know I will have a long road ahead of me to get back to my old pace, and the next half marathon I will be ready for will likely be the Urban Cow next October, but at the same time I need something to look forward to with how uncomfortable I am these days. It’s kind of like being sick when your body just can’t do what your mind wants. Cameron has asked me to not push it when I do get back into it. I told him if I get placed in the walk-run group, I will be content to be there until the mid-season analysis. I know my body will have a lot of recovering to do past the normal 8 weeks when it comes to running and distance running. I didn’t start SacFit until London was 6 months old, so my body had a better head start last time.

After Brayden’s birthday we headed up to Biggs to drop London off at Vicki’s. London’s day care is closed today for a Teacher Development day (coincidence it’s Columbus Day?) and Cameron figured we could use an extra day to ourselves at home without London to get things done and get him ready for his trip this week. Vicki also hoped we could sneak in a date night.

We didn’t stay long at Vicki’s given I was quite done for the day. When we got home we watched a movie before turning in. At least Cameron and I both slept better that night, and actually slept in on Sunday.

And because of those two factors, we were quite productive yesterday, even with a two hour nap in the middle of the day! And, while we didn’t have a date night, we did have a lunch date.

First, it’s hard to believe that sleeping in is 9 AM for us these days. I used to be able to sleep until 11 AM no problem. But by 9 AM yesterday, I was ready to get going. I got to work on various things like dishes and laundry, as well as making a little more progress on London’s dresser while Cameron mowed the lawn and finished unpacking from his Canada trip.

Of course, he’s waiting on me to finish up the dresser to be able to better organize the garage for hunting season so I did inhibit some of his plans. But, the two of us did tackle some of the Sydney organization that stares at us every time we walk out of our room and look into the loft. I can’t say the loft looks better than it did before we started, as I added more organized piles, but I did finish going through the tubs of baby gear that didn’t have clothes in them. Another hour or two and I think the loft will be picked up and cleared and Sydney’s room will be ready.

Around lunch time we headed out to the Folsom Outlets. We each received a very generous amount on a Banana Republic gift card at Christmas and with a new job on the horizon, Cameron wanted to see what they had in terms of work shirts, as he needed a few more for his new suits.

But why go to just one store? First, we headed to Nike and Cameron got a few new sweat shorts and where running gear taunted me for the second time last week. Then we headed to Eddie Bauer. It’s Cameron’s favorite clothing store for casual wear. He walked out with 4 new t-shirts and I walked out with 5 or 6 new tank tops. They were $5.99 each and I am in need of some new ones. Most of my current ones I have bought at Eddie Bauer over the years and while they have lasted, I definitely was in need of some new ones (especially considering some I had and wore during the early month of my pregnancy with London! And this one!). I can’t wait until I fit in them. Now I just need to go through my old ones and get rid of the real bad ones or move them to my workout or pajama drawers. They are definitely not suitable for normal, casual attire any more.

And we were quite successful at Banana Republic, finding 5 or 6 new dress shirts for Cameron. I think he even took all of them with him for this week! Since he found so many, I volunteered my gift card to the cause as well.

After our little shopping trip we headed over to our favorite sushi restaurant in Folsom to have our little lunch date. I hadn’t realized it, but I was really craving sushi, as it was very tasty and satisfied me so much that I almost didn’t need dinner.

But the productivity didn’t end there. While we did take a two hour snooze after all that shopping and eating, when we got up, I was back at it with the dresser and laundry, while Cameron worked on his office some and getting paperwork done for the new job. Then we both set about prepping the last two giant zucchinis from our garden to be made into our favorite zucchini lasagna. We have enough zucchini to make two lasagnas that we will freeze and take out when we are too tired to make dinner after Sydney arrives.

My goals this week while Cameron is gone, are to get the lasagnas made and in the freezer, and to almost finish, if not finish the dresser. We’ll see how that goes. It all depends on my energy levels and London. Plus, we have dinner plans two of the next 4 nights that could inhibit productivity a little. Somewhere in here I also need to get the Halloween decorations up.

Here’s to a productive and successful week for you and me.

~ Sarah

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