Oct 15, 2012

The "Joys" of Pregnancy

This pregnancy with Sydney is likely our last one I will experience. Those that know me well know that pregnancy and I don’t exactly mix well – even when this one has by far been better than the one with London.

It's not that we wouldn't mind having more children. I do prefer to keep the child to parent ratio even or in the parents favor. But the main reason we are pretty sure we are done with having children is, and Cameron and I both agree on this, we don't want to go through another pregnancy. As Cameron says, things are fine until about month 6. The last 3 months are brutal. 
So since this is likely my last, I thought I would reflect on what I will and what I won’t miss about the “joys” of pregnancy:

I will miss:
  • The excitement of taking that POSITIVE pregnancy test
  • Finding out the gender - whether at the 20 week ultrasound or birth
  • Getting the nursery, the clothes and everything ready for baby
  • No period for 9 months straight! (I know TMI, but it is SO true)
  • Holding my baby in my arms for the first time
  • Feeling the baby kick for the first time
  • Hearing the heart beat for the first time and at every appointment afterward
  • Seeing the baby via ultrasound however often we get to
  • Working from home on days I have a doctor's appointment
I won’t miss:
  • Morning sickness!
  • Associated lower back pain that starts halfway through
  • Burning hips in the middle of the night
  • Being awoken to charlie horses as a result of stretching
  • Being forced to sleep on my side only
  • Not fitting easily on my side of the bed
  • Not fitting in most of my maternity clothes at the end of the pregnancy
  • Being limited in my mobility
  • The overall uncomfortableness of pregnancy
  • Not being able to have a glass of wine at the end of a long day or week
  • Not being able to take a bath (Cameron puts the kibosh on these as he knows I can only take HOT baths – well above any advised temperature for a pregnant mama)
  • The extra congestion, especially when a cold or allergies strike
  • It taking longer to feel better after a cold or allergy attack
  • Weird, active dreams
  • Getting up several times a night to use the bathroom or just to turn over
  • Not being able to get down and play with London like I used to
  • Not being able to cuddle with Cameron becuase I am a heater and it is just too hot to cuddle (meanwhile, Cameron is snuggled under several blankets, Tulley and Kelsey)
  • The baby kicks at the end - sorry but they can hurt and are very uncomfortable these days
~ Sarah

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