Oct 19, 2012

Completed: The Out-of-State License Plate Challenge

Last summer Cameron and I began tracking all the out-of-state license plates we were seeing when we were out and about driving. We would leave each other one word messages with the new state when we couldn't get a hold of each other. You could always hear the excitement in our voices too.

We debated on starting over at the start of 2012 but eventually decided to just keep going until we saw all 50 states. Along the way, we saw out-of-country plates like Turkey, plenty of Canada, Argentina and El Salvador. And we didn't always note some of those on the tracker we kept on this site. And then for the longest time we were at a stand-still. All we needed were Delaware and Rhode Island. We began to think that the residents of these states didn't travel or move.

Finally, last month I saw a Delaware on my way home from work. And, on Wednesday of this week, as Cameron was exiting a restaurant with his new boss and a rep from a company he now sells product for, he saw it. Rhode Island! Of course, he called immediately and had to explain to his boss and the rep why he was so excited to see a Rhode Island license plate.

I think for now we are done with the game. Maybe we will start over in the 2013, but given it took almost a year and a half to get all 50 states, we're a bit burnt out, to be honest. The one word voicemails were fun though.

~ Sarah

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