Oct 18, 2012

Baby Bump Wednesdays - LATE: Week 38!

Love my husband - he will do anything to make me feel better and make me smile

How far along: 38 weeks
What Fruit or Vegetable size is Baby: Leek/Pumpkin (my guess is she will be nicknamed pumpkin, too)
Average Size: 18.9-20.9 inches, 6.2-9.2 lbs
What’s going on with Baby’s development: Sydney should have plumped up over the last week and all her vital organs should be in good working order. She also should have firm grasp which we will get to test out soon!
Total weight gain: 38 lbs.
Stretch marks: There is just no hope – I’m sure there are new ones and the old ones are not happy these days. I actually have had to switch to hydrocortisone 1% ointment, as my belly is itching so bad and the doctor noticed I was creating a rash because of the itching.
Sleep: If it’s not one thing, it’s the other. Between Tulley, Kelsey and London, I guess I won’t be getting much sleep until I am in the hospital. And then who knows how much I will get given I will want to be woken up for my pain meds. I will, however, take full advantage of the nursery.
Best moment of this last week: Cameron coming home and the two hour nap I got in on Sunday.
Miss anything: I just want my energy back and my body back to myself. I’m tired of sharing it.
Movement: Plenty and ready for that movement to be outside of me. It hurts! The girl wants to stretch out so badly. My bet is she will be taller than her sister at birth.
Food cravings: Sushi and sweets.
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: None. 6 Days! 1 1/2 work days!
Belly button in or out: Out
Wedding rings on or off: Off - hopefully it will be back on soon!
Mood most of the time: Tired. So ready for the 24th to be here.
Looking forward to in the next week: Seeing Sydney!

It’s a little hard to believe that the day is almost here whiel at the same time I am saying FINALLY and want the day to get here as quickly as possible! I am definitely ready to have Sydney join our family outside my body. This last weekend was really rough on me, even when we didn’t do all that much physically. My energy reserves seem to be completely gone. I can hardly wait for the weekend, with my parents arriving Friday afternoon who I hope will allow me to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe even Monday and Tuesday. The big thing is just getting through these last few days of work.

We were a little worried Sydney was planning a surprise early arrival over the weekend. It seemed my energy levels completely disappeared. Of course, we had planned activities, but they weren’t long or exhausting. But by the time we made it home each day, I was zapped and couldn’t get much of anything else done.

This was driving me nuts Sunday night so I was trying to push through. Cameron wouldn’t hear of it and forced me to sit down and relax instead. That’s when we noticed how on top of me Jake and Tulley were. And when we thought about it, Kelsey had moved to sleeping on top of me versus next to Cameron snuggled up in her favorite green blanket. We began to wonder if I wasn’t about to go into labor. 

As a precaution, we texted Lynde an FYI and called Vicki, just to keep their phones close in case there was a need for us to run to the hospital in the middle of the night. Thankfully, that has not happened and as much as I am ready for Sydney to be here, I want her to bake as long as possible and I would prefer to not experience labor this time around. Only time will tell if that becomes the case or not.

There are still things I want to get done around the house before she arrives, but I’ve come to terms that these things may or may not get done before next Wednesday, and I’m ok with it. I’d rather put things on hold versus sending myself into early labor. People are so shocked that I am still working. If I were at home I’d probably push myself too much so it’s better that I get up and go to work, where I sit and work, and get paid for it, versus being physically active at home trying to get other things done. Plus, I’ll have 4 days to get some of it done before we head to the hospital. And since Monday I have had a beautiful bouquet of flowers to look at when I’m struggling to remind me that I need to take it easy and be at work. All thanks to Cameron.
This post is a day late, as I wanted it updated with the latest doctor visit as well. Our last appointment was yesterday afternoon. I only gained 1 lb in the last week. Weight gain has definitely slowed down. I may not hit th 40 lb mark after all, if just barely not hitting it. All is well with Sydney from what we can tell. The doctor gave us a run down on what to expect at the hopsital when we check in at 5:30 AM Wednesday. She said we will probably be ready for visitors around 10:30 AM or 11. We will definitely want some time to rest once Sydney is here.

Other than that, she suggested I take a Benedryl before bed to help with my itchy tummy and to help me sleep. I've gotten puffy in the last week and between my tummy and ankles I've been itchy. The other night not only were my ankles itchy but they were swollen and red like they were sun burnt. Given Sydney is moving plenty and my blood pressure is perfect, there isn't much to worry about, its just the increased histamines in me causing the issues. I do I have to admit I slept pretty well last night on the Benedryl.

When I write the next time about Sydney, it will be when she is here. Can't wait!

~ Sarah

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