Oct 3, 2012

Baby Bump Wednesdays: 36 Weeks!

How far along: 36 weeks
What Fruit or Vegetable size is Baby: Crenshaw Melon/Honeydew Melon
What’s going on with Baby’s development: Sydney is almost ready to breathe on her own. In another week she will be considered full-term. Her skin is smoothing out and her gums are rigid, plus Sydney’s liver and kidneys are working. And basically good to go are her circulation and immune systems.
Total weight gain: 36 lbs.
Stretch marks: This girl is determined to give me new ones, the way she hangs “out” literally.
Sleep: Can’t get enough of it due to being uncomfortable or being interrupted to pee or just due to my normal schedule.
Best moment of this last week: Cameron getting home on Sunday. I missed him so much.
Miss anything: The big ones right now are wine and running. Oh and just being comfortable.
Movement: Seems constant sometimes and quiet at other times
Food cravings: None right now – can’t actually eat any big meals these days.
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: None. 3 (21 days) weeks to go!
Belly button in or out: Out
Wedding rings on or off: Off
Mood most of the time: Tired and cranky. 21 days seems like a long time from now.
Looking forward to in the next week: Dinner with London’s best friend, Evan’s mom Kristin next week.

Let the weekly doctor appointments begin! We were scheduled to see our Nurse Mid-wife yesterday but scored and got to see Dr. Gordon who will be delivering Sydney instead. Dr. Gordon was with our other doctor over at the hospital assisting in an emergency procedure when we arrived for our appointment so our nurse mid-wife was behind in seeing patients as she was seeing patients scheduled to see her as well as the other two doctors. Well, Dr. Gordon finished assisting just in time to see me, which was great as I had some questions and concerns to run by her.

With my parents in town and Vicki & Joe visiting last Saturday, we got on the subject of the delivery as well as my delivery with London. Bringing up the memories reminded me of things I would have liked to have changed with London’s delivery if I could. Hind sight is 20/20, right?

Well, one of the major changes would have been the second anesthesiologist I had during my labor and delivery. The guy wasn’t horrible but he wasn’t the nicest guy either. And I understand it was 3 AM, but all the same I would prefer to avoid him if I can this time around. Dr. Gordon is more than happy to oblige by requesting an anesthesiologist she thinks will be better suited for me to help make this delivery much smoother and better.

With London, I didn’t really have a birth plan – all I knew is I was completely open to an epidural and would not be disappointed if the delivery ended with a c-section. Now, I definitely have a few more things in my birth plan to review with both the nurses and the anesthesiologist when we arrive at the hospital early Wednesday morning, October 24. I figure I will have these requests written out and packed, ready to review when I am speaking with each that day. I have to say, knowing somewhat of what to expect helps a whole lot. You can be told so much preparing for the birth of your first, but only real experience will truly help you have a plan on action you can hope to follow the second time around.

My mom was a huge help last week as well, getting Sydney’s room vacuumed and steam cleaned, as well as getting all the clothes cleaned and folded for me. Just take a look at all the to-dos she helped me cross off:

I’ll have Cameron raise the crib mattress soon. And while all the newborn baby gear is out – I still need to sort through and put it away in the appropriate areas. I was able to get the girls’ bathroom in order over the last two nights while London played in the bath – they’ve been painting at school and she has come home covered in her favorite color, blue. Luckily, it washes off very easily.

All in all, I am ready for this pregnancy to be over and have Sydney here. I grow more and more uncomfortable as the days go by. Sydney loves to hang out literally, so I look like and feel like I have a bowling ball in front of me, throwing my balance way off. To compensate for the balance issues, my back is tied up in knots. Even lying down can be difficult as finding a comfortable position is a task in itself. Last night I literally had to get out of bed and lay my elbows on the bed and lean over to feel comfortable for a bit – not great for actual sleep.

And the 103 degrees weather we had yesterday was ridiculous. This is October! My feet have swollen up so much that I can only wear flips flops and yesterday even my hands swelled up. Today, my right hand is still pretty swollen. Dr. Gordon said my blood pressure is perfect so there is no cause for concern, just to keep drinking water as much as I can. I think these next 3 weeks are just going to get worse and worse until Sydney arrives.

Next week will be interesting too, given Cameron will be gone for his new job and it will just be London and I. Luckily, since London doesn't have school Monday, Vicki is taking her Saturday night through end of work day Monday for me and then London's best friend, Evan's mom is making us dinner on Wednesday, which should help break up the week and keep us active. And Cameron won't be gone as long as he was for Canada.   ~ Sarah

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