Sep 10, 2012

Weekend Update: Progress & The Capital Air Show

We’re making progress! On the office that is. The baseboards were painted Friday night and Saturday morning. Cameron even moved his desk into the new office Saturday night! And during the day on Saturday the doors were painted and are almost complete. They should be finished by the end of the week. And with all this progress, the moving part has begun! 

What’s even nicer is that Cameron is going through each and every item being transferred from the old office to the new office so it will be put away or disposed of properly. The majority of the boxes in his old office have actually been packed up since we moved from Fremont 4 years ago! That’s two moves ago!

Both rooms are looking so much better. I may even be able to access the window in the old office/London’s new room tonight to clean the window, the window seal, the blinds and prep it for painting! Then all I have to do is clean the fan and baseboards and prep the room for painting. Cameron will hopefully have the majority of items left in London’s room out of there by the end of the week. Spaz will be staying in the closet until the weekend. 

Saturday Matt & Lynde are having a BBQ for us to celebrate Sydney. It is my hope we can talk some of the men into coming over to move Spaz, and maybe the printer, down stairs and the boxes full of London’s new bed pieces upstairs. That would help clear up a lot of space in the garage for the painting of the dresser. 

But all in all, when I went to bed last night, I really felt like some true progress has finally been made. Yay!

And even with all this progress, on Sunday, Cameron was able to attend the Capital Air Show just down the road at Mather Field. Matt was actually a part of the show, skydiving in on both days. While at the show, Cameron took some great photos of the action. Throughout this post are some of my faves.

London and I watched a little of the show from the house, as it wasn’t hard to know when a jet was about to fly by. London wasn’t too fond of the sound, that’s for sure, so I’m glad Cameron ended up going with Matt versus trying to make it a whole family outing. While the mornings are cool, it still warms up to the 90s by the afternoon, and I can’t take much of it, especially when I am not in the shade.

~ Sarah

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