Sep 4, 2012

Weekend Update: Labor Day Weekend

This weekend brought us up to Biggs and Chico for the majority of Saturday and Sunday thanks to the Dove Season Opener. Dove season only lasts 10 days and the best days to go out are the first. Plus, Cameron and Tulley were chomping at the bit to get out there. Since I had plans to meet up with my old high school friend Devon, her husband Randy and daughter Zoey on Sunday, it just made sense for London and I to head up there on Saturday with Cameron and Tulley.

Too bad Cameron realized he forgot his hunting license on the counter when we were already in Gridley. He literally dropped London and I off at his mom’s and headed back to pick it up. We wouldn’t see him until dinnertime that night. London and I had a nice afternoon with Vicki and Joe, which included a nap for both London and I. That nap included the first time she has ever slept in a bed with me without getting too excited.

Sunday we got up and headed to Chico to meet Devon and crew at Caper Acres. I remember going to this park when I was little, which included a giant, metal slide that you could only use in the morning or risk burning your backside. My freshman year of high school, the park was severely damaged by falling trees during a winter storm, a storm that felled trees on Chico State’s campus and cancelled school and my high school band’s winter performance.

I hadn’t been to the park in years, probably since before the damage occurred and I was quite interested to see what was still there and what wasn’t. All the slides have been replaced with plastic, but the tunnels, Swiss cheese climbing block and humpty dumpty sand pit were still there. Even the crooked house was still there, with new slides. As soon as London saw the slides, she was off. And while I did notice the age suggestion signs for different activities, that didn’t stop London from going down the Ages 5-12 slides. Zoey quickly joined her as soon as Devon and Randy arrived.

Note the sign that says Ages 5-12

Cameron went down with her the first time to see if she'd be flying off the end - they didn't.

So while the girls played and the dads supervised, Devon and I got to catch up. Devon is also pregnant with her second child, and she too already has her c-section scheduled. We had fun going over pregnancy ups and downs as well as how nice it is to just have the delivery scheduled so we won’t go through what we each went through last time.

Swing Time!

Eventually it was a little too warm out for us and my tummy was rumbling, so we headed over to Burger Hut for lunch. Of course, we forgot how busy Chico would be, given it was Labor Day weekend and all the college students were out in force filling up their inner tubes and heading for the river. In some ways, Chico hasn’t changed at all and that was one of those ways, except for the buses that ferried the students back and forth from the river. A much safer way of getting there and back than when Cameron and I were in school.

London crashed in the car on our way back to Biggs after lunch.
When we got back to Vicki’s, Cameron packed Tulley up again and headed out for another Dove hunt, while I took a nap and London played with her cousin Connor.

Cameron wouldn’t get back until 8 PM, which meant we didn’t leave for home until 9. Overall, he did alright for the two days of hunting, bringing in 10 birds total. Of course, 10 is the daily limit so he shot half his limit each day.

Cameron’s report on Tulley was that she was a champ, following directions, using her nose and prancing around with a dove in her mouth so proud of herself.

Unfortunately, Tulley’s feet took a beating, and she had several blisters. Before we could go to bed Sunday night, we made sure to bath her and despite her blistered feet she still jumped on the bed with us to pass out. The poor girl was definitely hobbling around Monday, though I don’t think she minded so much, given all the love and attention we were all showering on her. We even moved Melody’s old bed downstairs so she had a cushy place to sleep near all of us. And she was doing much better this morning, not missing a beat to get breakfast from me.

Monday was a usual weekend/Sunday-type of day for us, getting chores done around the house and such. This included Cameron getting the baseboards cut and nailed in the new office. He just needs to seal and paint them and we can start moving him in! At least we are one step closer than we were when the weekend started. And I continue to work on small projects for London’s room. This week I hope to start getting all the old clothes and newborn gear out so I can get organized for Sydney’s arrival.

I’m feeling bigger and more uncomfortable with each day that passes by so anything I can get done the sooner the better. I just don’t know what kind of energy I will have by the time Sydney is due to be here.

~ Sarah

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