Sep 17, 2012

Weekend Update: a Baby Shower BBQ

Saturday Matt & Lynde threw us a Baby Shower BBQ, which really was just an excuse for our friends to get together. It was a nice, low key event, as many friends were not able to make it due to conflicting calendars but in the end there were still 10 adults and three crazy little girls. It was just what we needed given Cameron and I were both pretty tired from al that happened last week.

London had a grand time running around with Km & Pat’s daughters, Kaley & Paige. Paige, who is only 1 ½ years older than London, still calls London “Baby London”. I wonder if she will ever stop calling her that, given there are new babies already here and Sydney will be here soon?

At one point, given the 95 degree weather, Lynde brought out Cody’s kiddie pool and the girls splashed away, to my surprise, given London isn’t a fan of cold water. We hadn’t brought her bathing suit or swim diaper so she was out there in all her naked glory having the time of her life!

And that was about all I could handle this weekend. Minus checking off a few things to do for London’s new room and dresser, I was spent. Sunday I could barely survive a walk around Costco. It probably didn’t help that I was a bit dehydrated.

That’s because of what I did Saturday. Even after watching Cameron place a Pepsi in the ice bin to cool it down, I went to get ice out of the ice maker. Usually I open the door and grab ice from the top, as I am not a fan of the noise and time it takes to get ice through the door. But for some reason, this time I did. And suddenly I had ice cold Pepsi coming out with my ice! My getting the ice out of the door caused the spinny thing (ice hook?) in the ice bucket to turn and punctured Cameron’s Pepsi can. We had to toss out all the ice.

But we were at Matt & Lynde’s house most of Saturday so I had plenty of access to ice-cold water there. The problem back at home was that in the process of removing and putting back the clean bucket, we turned the ice maker off. Cameron figured this out around 10 AM on Sunday. I tried to drink water throughout the day, but it just wouldn’t stay cold for me – I like really cold water and rarely get water without ice. By the time we finished the Costco trip (maybe 4 PM), I had probably only had 4 glasses of water versus my usual 10-12. I’m serious – I drink lots of water, even when I am not pregnant.

After the Costco run and feeling miserable throughout the trip, I made Cameron stop at Walgreens for ice. And while I had several large glasses of wonderful ice water that evening, the damage had been done and I was in bed by 8:30 PM. I also proceeded to drink most of the 32 oz of water I took to bed with me – which included ice. I find it stays cooler and fresh throughout the night if it starts out with ice.

~ Sarah

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