Sep 11, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Part Tom Boy, Part Girly Girl

For the most part, I see London being a tom boy growing up, very much like I was.

We don’t even dress London in dresses that often as she is so active and dresses often seem to limit her mobility and ability to play the way she wants. Her best friend is a boy, even with more girls to play with at the new day care.

And if big kids are around, London wants in on that action. The girl can’t get enough of playtime with her cousin Connor when they get together. Grammy actually had to have Carrie come pick up Connor early as London would not wind down with him there.

But then there are moments our little girly girl shines through. London LOVES purses and is so cute holding her arm up in the air to keep her purse on her shoulders.

And while the daycare does have an issue with her keeping her shoes on, and they are the first things she wants off when she gets home, London already has an interest in shoes. She is quick to put shoes on to go outside and hasn’t resisted shoe shopping ever.

Then there was Sunday, late morning. Cameron was already at the Airshow, and I was picking up the kitchen a little. London’s morning movie, Finding Nemo, was over and I felt she needed some true playtime. Problem is, if the TV is on, she wants to watch a movie, not play, and telling her no while we watch something often results in tears.

Given I was already occupied with the kitchen I just turned on one of the music channels. This usually results in London playing by herself quietly. And sure enough, before I knew it, toys were strewn all over the family room floor and London was sitting next to the kitchen door with two of her purses and their contents were spilled out all around her.

I happen to store her play jewelry in these purses. A few minutes later, London was showing me her necklaces and bracelets, so proud of her accessories. Now if that isn’t a sign there is a girly girl in there, I don’t know what is.

It also gives me some ideas for some stocking stuffers this year.

A little while later, still decked out in her jewelry, I caught London and Tulley playing together quietly in the family room. It was beyond cute.

~ Sarah

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