Sep 14, 2012

Preparing For Sydney Update

Looking at Sydney’s To Do list, it doesn’t look like I accomplished all that much over the last week:

But the one thing I was able to cross off, the organizing aspect of London’s old clothes, was a HUGE undertaking. Just take a look at the mess I made in the loft, to get started:

This is before the clothes came out of the tubs
And here is my little helper after all the clothes came out!
All the clothes are sorted and most are back in tubs. I even was able to reduce the number of tubs being used. I just have two tubs of clothes to fold nicely and close up. Then the tubs will go back into the closet.

Of course, I still have a lot of tubs full of non-clothes (full of other baby gear) to go through still. And this pile is waiting for my mom for washing: 

Can I just say I am so glad my mom will be out here in just over a week, for a week and is willing to help get the washing done? By then we should have a place to put the clothes once they are washed, too. Maybe by then, the room will be set up for Sydney. One can hope.

Don’t worry though; Sydney isn’t far from our minds these days. Last Friday, during our evening errands we needed to make a stop at Target. When we walked by the baby section, I couldn’t help but pick this little onesie up for her:

~ Sarah

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