Sep 7, 2012

Preparing For Sydney Update

As promised, here is my long list of things to do to Prepare for Sydney's arrival:

I think I can have the organized portion of the clothes completed this weekend, and will likely save the washing and folding of the clothes I will need for her arrival for when my mom is here. Hopefully by then London will be out of Sydney’s room so there will be a dresser to put the clothes in!

This does mean that our loft is going to explode even more than it already has.

Currently, the loft is housing most of the new contents to London’s room while we wait for the room to be ready. This includes sheets, mattress covers, the mattresses to her new bed, all the pillows and the lamp! So far it all sits behind the couch. Just don't ask to borrow a DVD these days. Probably by this evening, the left over carpet to the office will also be housed here.

My goal this weekend is to get all the tubs full of newborn gear and London’s old cloths out of the shed and London/Sydney’s closet. Once I have all the tubs out, I am going to dump all their contents out into one big pile and start evaluating everything.

Half the time I have been quite good at labeling and sorting the clothes into the tubs properly, but there have been other times I have not been so diligent. And I know I sometimes threw something in a labeled tub that didn't belong there. 

Once my massive pile is created I'll use the empty tubs to hold the various sizes and items as I go and sort and evaluate. Then I will better label and fold everything, putting away only what we won’t need in the first 6 months.

I know, I’m crazy. But, sometimes you have to create a bigger mess in order to get organized.

I can’t re-arrange the room, raise the mattress level or bring out the changing table until London has vacated the room and crib.

I need to go to Michaels to get the supplies necessary to do the letters and will likely not start them until I am done with London's projects. That doens't mean I won't buy the supplies on my next trip to Michael's. If I go today, I can save 15% on the entire purchase.

For Sydney’s Disney silhouettes I could start at any time – at least cutting out the stencils. Trips to Michaels and Ikea are necessary before I can get any further than that.

And the major item on the list is Sydney’s stocking, which will take some time. I really don't think it will be done in time for Christmas - London didn't have hers for her first two Christmases. At least I can say it’s started. I didn't start London's until the Thanksgiving before her first Christmas.
And when most other projects are done, then I can really bear down and focus on it. Of course, that may be when Sydney is almost here or already here.

~ Sarah

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