Sep 6, 2012

London’s Room Update

While my main projects for London’s room are mostly complete, I took a step back and have now made NEW To Do Lists, incorporating some of the wish list items I wanted to get done originally but wasn't sure I had time for.

And I made a To Do list for just the dresser alone. Now it seems there is so much more to do! And I thought I was so close to being finished!

I can drive myself crazy sometimes. But if I get this all done, London's new room will be even more pulled together when we move her in.

Plus, I’ve made a To Do list for Sydney, and while it looks longer than London’s, it doesn’t seem so daunting. Stay tuned for Sydney To Do Updates tomorrow.

Here are those lists:

Currently our kitchen looks more like a craft room, as I have the bed stand on the island for easier painting access. It’s actually almost done, just a coat or two of a clear, glossy sealer, which will likely move the project to the garage for better ventilation tonight.

I also have started the painting process of the letters and frames which are taking up residence on the kitchen table. A quick trip to Michaels should get me the few supplies I still need to complete the letters project once the letters are ready. That trip to Michaels should also result in getting the back for the coat rack and shelves, which I will then paint (I don't have any room to start painting them now any way).

Looking at it, while I feel like I have a lot to do, all of it is in progress already and they are smaller projects to begin with. It just takes time, particularly waiting for paint to dry! It has helped to pick up more foam paint brushes, since I am dealing with 5 different colors. That was I can at least get a coat of paint a night done.

As for the dresser, I hope to tackle that this weekend and get a lot of the to dos crossed off so I am painting it next week. I may need to order the doors, which could take some time to come in, but we can live without the doors for a while if need be.
I did order the knobs I spied on for the dresser, and hopefully, those ship soon, as I will need a few of them for the coat rack.

Aren't they cute?

Wish me luck!

~ Sarah

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