Sep 18, 2012

London’s New Room Update

It may not be painted yet, but London’s new room also doesn’t have a resident lizard any longer. On Saturday, when our friends gathered at Matt & Lynde’s for a BBQ to celebrate Sydney’s pending arrival, Cameron brought the guys over to our house for 20 minutes to move Spaz and his abode to his new spot downstairs, and move the boxes containing London’s new bed upstairs. I can’t thank the guys enough for their muscle!

Of course, Spaz wasn’t too thrilled about the ride he took and proceeded to be a grumpy lizard the rest of the weekend. But with his move, and Cameron moving everything out minus the printer and a file cabinet, the room is empty. Plus, he vacuumed and I have been able to cleam the blinds and prep the entire room for painting. Cameron hopes to get in some good time tonight getting the paint up. Hopefully its all done by the time he leaves for Canada on Thursday. We definitely lost a bit of momentum last week with him gone in Chicago and then both of us being exhuasted this weekend.
On Friday, the knobs I ordered for the dresser arrived, and on Saturday morning Cameron got the drill out so we could complete the coat rack with two of them! Whoo Hoo!

Speaking of the dresser, a little progress has been made on that front.

Saturday morning I began removing the drawer liner to the last drawer! I almost met my goal of removing the liner from a drawer per night but Wednesday, we were obviously busy celebrating Cameron's new job and Friday I was just too tired.

Unfortunately, the liner on this last one didn’t want to budge, either. I wasn’t able to finish it until Saturday evening. On Sunday I was able to get all the sanding done, but lacked the energy to get the coat of primer on.

I’ve hit that point in this pregnancy that I have less energy than I need, which means projects will be slow going from here on out. It will all get done, though. And it helps knowing that Sydney will be in our room the first two months, so I will have some time to complete her room once she is here. And she won't know whether she has a stocking at Christmas or not.

There won’t be an update on Prepping for Sydney this week. My lack of energy is the reason for this. All the clothes have been organized, folded and put away in plastic bins, and I have moved those bins into her closet, but there is still a huge pile of clothes that need to be washed and put away, which won't get put away until London has vacated the room. Plus, there are still a few bins of newborn gear I need to go through and put away. And again, I need a room to put that gear in!

So I really haven’t wanted to focus on any of those to dos as well. Maybe this weekend or next week. Only time and energy will tell.

~ Sarah

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