Sep 13, 2012

London’s New Room Update

This last weekend was quite successful in completing projects for London’s new room, starting on Friday. The 3 of us spent Friday evening running quick errands, and that included a trip to Michael’s where I got the last of what I needed for London’s room. Gotta love coupons too, as I saved 15% on the total purchase, even if it wasn’t a large purchase.

All I got were the shelves, the back of the coat rack and the stand for the letters project. Looking at the list of to dos now, there isn’t much more to do other than move her in and finish the shelves (which all I need to do is seal them along with the bedstand - this will be done this weekend). Of course, I have added to the list again, as well, with the final steps:

By Sunday night, the letters stand and coat rack were painted and sealed. And London’s letters were also painted and sealed, so I got my trusty glue gun out and created the final product. What do you think?

Sorry for the poor qualilty photo - it's off of my phone from this morning. I forgot to take a picture when I finished the project in the kitchen and for safe keeping, these are now stored in the cluttered loft

My plan is to place this near the dresser.

The coat rack will have to wait until this weekend to be completed. And that’s only because I need the drawer knobs for the dresser to arrive, which should be Friday, according to my tracking info. Two of the knobs will go on the coat rack. After a few quick drill holes and the spinning of a screwdriver, it will be done.
And who knows, maybe I’ll be able to hang the coat rack up by the end of the weekend! All that depends on whether we manage to get London's room emptied of Cameron's office equipment and painted. Cameron's making great progress to, as tonight I plan to be cleaning the blinds and window and prepping it for paint.

In reality, once the room is ready for moving in, I think I can have London’s new room setup and ready to go in an afternoon.

As planned I did get to London’s dresser, but I was not able to devote as much time as I would have liked on it this weekend. You will see why tomorrow when I show you what I did to the loft.

I also didn’t expect to spend an hour trying to remove the doors and hardware from it. I thought it would only take 5 minutes. When I set to work on the dresser Sunday afternoon while London napped, I discovered that the person who painted it last, painted over the hardware, covering the screw heads.

I literally had to chisel the paint away to get a screwdriver into turn the screws. And I ended up stripping each screw along the way, making it even more difficult. But this did help me decide that we definitely need to get new doors, and hardware, for the dresser.

But...Cameron and I also agreed that if new doors were necessary, they can wait a while so we won’t be ordering any doors any time soon. I set aside one of the old doors for when we do, for measurement and matching design purposes.

The other more time-consuming process was removing the back. While the back panel itself basically disintegrated in my hands, the nails did not. And where the nails were, the back panel decided to stay and not disintegrate!

Once I did get the parts of back panel left around the nails removed, the nail heads would bend when I would try to remove them with the hammer, making the hammer slip right off.

Eventually, I was able to get them all removed. I also decided that we need to replace the back, especially if we are going to go without doors for a while. Luckily, I have the backing to Cameron and my dressers as we felt ours didn’t need backs when we built them, so I already have the material on hand.

Between the nails and the hinge hardware, I’m surprised I still had time to scrub down the frame of the dresser before London woke up from her nap.

I also was not able to get to the 6 drawers on Sunday. I've been trying to tackle one drawer a night. So far, i have been able to remove the old liner and scrub down 3 of the 6 drawers. I figure if I can get to one a night, I’ll be in good shape for sanding, priming and maybe painting by the weekend. We’ll see.

If London has to live with clothes in boxes or on the floor for a while, so be it. I’m definitely feeling my body slowing down due to the pregnancy. And given that we don’t want Sydney to arrive early, I have to listen to it and not push myself. At the same time, that is a tall order for me these days as I can’t seem to sit still for very long when I am at home. I sit at work all day so when I get home I want to get things done.
At least I have some energy, even if it is diminishing, versus the no energy I had in July thanks to my colds.

~ Sarah

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