Sep 28, 2012

London’s New Room Update: She's moved in!!!!!!!

First night in her Big Girl Bed!
There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Finally! I may even have the loft back in functioning form by the time my mom heads home! This is in large part thanks to my dad, who spent Monday afternoon completing the painting of London's room and then Tuesday building her bed. As soon as I got home from work, my mom and I set about to making London's bed with all the pillows, sheets and blankets and then I spent the next hour moving her personal items from Sydney's room, and clothes, and putting them away in the new room.

All Made Up With the Pillows. The bedspread is currently folded up at the foot of the bed. It's still too hot for a comforter these days. Sunday its expected to be 96 degrees!
London was quite excited about her new bed, particularly jumping on it while we were trying to make it up! And she went down better than I expected. To be honest, the transition has been pretty smooth, which makes me feel like she was quite ready for the switch. This eases my mind and has me hoping the addition of Sydney will go better than I expect.

Every night before bed, I sit or lay down with London in her bed and read her a book or two (or like last night try to read her a book 3x!). Then we turn on her Twilight Ladybug, turn the lamp off, turn on her Lamb which makes wave sounds for 45 minutes and her seahorse that plays lullabies. When I leave she is usually crying for me to stay but within 15 to 20 minutes there is no noise from her room. I sneak a peak when I head to bed, and I have found her under covers with her head on the pillow, holding her Minnie Mouse close and the seahorse and lamb nearby - which is funny cause I keep putting it at the foot of the bed!

She isn't completely moved in, and may not be for a while, as my energy levels are drastically reducing day by day, but once her daddy is home, we can work on more of the final touches and get her closer. For the most part, this to-do list is done!:

Someday a dresser will be seen from this angle. I've since moved in her bedside table and lamp.
The dresser is coming along slowly. While I was able to prime the dresser last week, I did have a few nights where I lacked any and all energy and therefore didn’t start the actual painting until Friday night. And I can currently only do one color at a time due to my design plan. 

Didn't have time to get the curtains up Tuesday night as well. We got them up Wednesday.
Plus, because of the brightness of the colors I picked, it takes several coats to get it to look right. Oh well, it will be done soon enough, I am sure. For the time being, I have some shelves in the closet that is enough hold her clean clothes while we wait. Half of the reason the project is dragging is the waiting for the paint to dry between coats.

Once I have the good camera back (and the room is more pulled together) I will take some true after shots of the room. Until then,you'll have to deal with my phone's camera.
And with London out of Sydney's room, my mom has been able to get all the washing of clothes done for Sydney. Last night I spent a good 30 minutes putting most of them away and even set aside an outfit for her to come home in. I'm hoping to have some energy tomorrow to really tackle the Loft and Sydney's room, so that I can feel we are ready for her. There are a few things I need to pick up at Babies R Us and Target still too, which will likely happen tomorrow. I'm sure my mom will be ready to get out of the house more than just taking London to the park.

And London, Tulley and I are definitely looking forward to Cameron's return. I can tell both are missing him as much as I am at this point. Too bad its only for a week.

~ Sarah

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