Sep 17, 2012

Embarking on a New Adventure

Last Wednesday all projects were pushed aside and instead had London and I make a stop at Safeway for Champagne and balloons. Why, you ask? Because after 5 years with Xerox, Cameron has been offered the opportunity to move into the medical sales field! We had to celebrate, of course!

Starting October 8th, Cameron will be employed by Armstrong Medical.

The opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. Cameron had originally interviewed with the company back in February or March, but he felt it wasn’t a good time to further explore the opportunity given that things were looking to be going in a great direction for him at Xerox which included a wonderful manager, we had just found out I was pregnant, and we were dealing with 12 newborn pups and one tired Tulley.
We are so glad Cameron entertained that one interview. Armstrong called him about a month ago asking if circumstances had changed with Xerox at all, was he possibly interested in continuing the interview process with them. Coincidentally, some things had changed. We weren’t dealing with 12 puppies anymore and like Xerox has enjoyed doing over the last 5 years, they made some changes that were less than desirable for Cameron to deal with for even the short term, which included the 6th manager of his career there. Obviously, I’m still pregnant, but not for much longer. 
Last Tuesday, Armstrong flew Cameron out to Chicago, where the company is based, and participated in the final interviews on Wednesday. Everything went very well and they sent him back to the airport that afternoon in a limo after extending him the offer. 
Cameron’s territory will keep us in the Sacramento area, so no moving is involved. But it will result in 3-4 overnights a month as the territory is much larger. He’ll be covering south Fresno up to the Oregon border and over to Reno. 
Cameron has wanted to get into medical sales for quite some time and made it to a few final rounds of interviews but always seemed to lose out to those with actual medical sales experience. Looking back, these missed opportunities were blessings as Armstrong has already impressed us as a good company to work for, plus they can see the value Cameron will bring to their company without having previous medical sales experience. 

Cameron’s starting the job in October will make things a bit interesting given Sydney’s arrival, but Armstrong is doing their best to work around her arrival. Cameron will be out in the field with another representative the week of October 8th – away from home. We don’t know where he will be yet, exactly, but they are trying to arrange this off site to be a quick airplane ride home, should someone make an early appearance. The week of October 15th Cameron will be in his territory with his new manager, so he will be close to home and I’m still planning on working that week as well. He does have to go back to Chicago the week of Halloween, the week after Sydney arrives – but Armstrong is making sure he is home for Syd’s scheduled arrival. 
We are only now announcing this exciting news, as we wanted to wait until Cameron gave his notice to Xerox, which took place this morning. It has been interesting as higher ups are now coming to Cameron trying to find out if there is any way to keep him with the company. Unfortunately for them they are a day late and a dollar short though they promise to do everything in their power over the next 3 weeks to entice Cameron to stay. We'll see.
All in all, we are very excited about this opportunity for Cameron and can hardly wait for his first day to arrive, which will be here before we know it, given he’s off to Canada on Thursday for 10 days to go Goose hunting.
~ Sarah

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