Aug 9, 2012

Weekend Update: A Trip to the Zoo & Joe’s Crab Shack

By Saturday my antibiotics had kicked in and I was feeling much better. Good thing too, as we had plans with Vicki and Joe to go to the Sac Zoo and Joe’s Crab Shack to celebrate our anniversary.

We all met up at the Zoo around 10 AM and in the shade I was quite comfortable, given the unusually cool day. While I may not swell like I did with London in the summer heat, this time around I swear my average body temperature is higher and so when I have been outside in the summer heat I can hardly tolerate it. Of course, temperatures are supposed to be in the triple digits the rest of the week.

And given we have a membership to the zoo, we feel fine spending just a few hours there versus the whole day. Not having to wait in line to get in is an added bonus even though it was a short line and a light day at the zoo any how.

We headed for the big cats first, given we usually head for the reptile room, which we didn’t visit at all this time around. The tiger was fairly boring, not really moving at all, and the lions started off that way. Soon they were up and at them wandering their pen before settling back down onto their “Pride Rock”. The snow leopard was a bit unnerving. It was just laying there when we walked up. Then it saw London and suddenly headed for the cage wall nearest us. While the cage looks pretty secure, we didn’t stay too long and headed for the safer giraffes. That’s when we discovered that tortoises live underneath the giraffe watching/feeding deck. I think London got a bigger kick out of them than the giraffes.

With our membership we got 20 free passes to ride either the carousel or train. We did both before we left for Old Town. Vicki, London and I went on the carousel. The only problem was, London has a new fear of heights – Cameron and I both swear she must have fallen from something at day care. She clings to us whenever we put her up on the counter in the bathroom to comb her hair in the morning, and she did the same on the carousel. Luckily, once the ride started to move, London got over the fear for the moment and enjoyed the ride, waving at Cameron and Joe each round we made. All of us piled into two cars of the miniature train.

It was London’s nap time when we headed for Old Town. We managed to drive around for a good 20 minutes to give her a quick snooze, but she woke up as soon as we parked. Too bad too, as she could have gotten another 45 minutes in while we waited for a table at Joe’s Crab Shack. It was packed! Turns out the 1st Annual Color 5K Fun run took place that morning and there were a lot of colorful people waiting, entering or exiting the restaurant.

We ended up walking around Old Town while we waited and it was good to see how busy it was. We’re thinking of going back to Old Town over labor day weekend for Gold Rush Days and either take a 40-minute train ride or a horse and buggy ride. London, during this visit, was quite interested in the horses.

Lunch was great and delicious though Joe’s Crab Shack has a lively atmosphere. This worked well given the grumpy girl on our hands but not so well for conversation. By the time we made it home around 3 PM, all 3 of us went down for a solid nap!

Sunday was a quiet day spent at home working on projects. More to come on that in other posts.

~ Sarah

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