Aug 20, 2012

Weekend Update: Small Steps with the Water Park

We had another lovely weekend at home this past weekend. While the temperatures are still near triple digits, we have been blessed with cool mornings. By 10 AM on Saturday, we were already feeling pretty accomplished, given Cameron had made a milk and donut run after London woke up and we managed to get the front and backyard work completed. It’s amazing how a freshly mowed lawn, and deadheaded roses and lavender makes when it comes to our front yard looking put together.

The rest of Saturday wasn’t as productive. Sure, we made a Costco run and a run up to the Green Acres Nursery, but we didn’t get any perishables at Costco as we intended to go to Home Depot after Green Acres which left me without my breakfast and lunch staples for the week on Monday (we made a Costco run Monday night to cover me for the rest if the week).

And while we got the sprinkler head Cameron was in search for at Green Acres, we walked away without any lady bugs for the aphids on my roses. Seems they are seasonal. To top it off, we didn’t make it to Home Depot because London and I were both getting quite cranky and in need of naps. London didn’t even make it home before falling asleep. The only other thing I did accomplish on Saturday was cleaning up the new office so Cameron could work with the baseboards.

Sunday was a much more productive day for me. Not only did I complete London’s curtains, most of the laundry for the week and get almost all the dishes done, but I also started on the decorative pillows for London’s room. We did make it to Home Depot but didn’t purchase any baseboards. I did pick up some paint sample cards to start looking at for consideration on London’s dresser.

Sunday night we had plans with London’s friend Evan and his parents. We were again going to meet them at the water park near Lowe’s and then have a quickly dinner afterward. The entire park was packed when we got there, but we were still able to set up our chairs in the shade of the clock tower next to the water spouts. And this time London actually got wet!

Last time we went, we could barely get her to get her feet wet. This time she had fun getting her feet wet and “painting” foot prints on the dry concrete and then running around the water area. And a few times the water spouts caught her off guard and she’d get a little wet. Not drenched like Evan, but she wasn’t completely dry either by the time we headed off to Rubio’s for dinner. Baby steps, baby steps. My bet is if we take her a few more times before this heat turns into fall she’ll really get into the water. But Cameron and I both admit, the water is a bit too cold for our liking, so we wouldn’t put it past London to never get drenched unless it was unbearably hot.

One other thing we did accomplish this weekend was watching the Hatfields & McCoys miniseries we recorded ages ago on the History channel. We stayed up well past midnight on Saturday we were so drawn into it. Definitely a miniseries I would suggest to anyone. Of course, it now has us wondering how much was based on true events and what was played up for the show. I do have to say Kevin Costner did an amazing job in it and I hope he wins the Emmy. The miniseries itself is nominated for something like 14 Emmys, with Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner up against each other in the leading man category.

~ Sarah

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