Aug 17, 2012

Weekend Update: It was a Crafty, Productive One!

Looking back on this weekend, I have to say it was a successful and productive weekend.

Saturday morning London and I headed up to Chico. Vicki would be watching her while I got my hair colored. My hair appointment went well as always, and was productive because Martin is going to be able to get me in at the end of September when my parents are here so I can get my hair done one more time before Sydney arrives! My parents wanted to go up to Chico one day while they are here anyhow, so now we have a date they can work with.

I had also asked Vicki if it was alright for me to steal away a little more time and stop in at Joanns so I could grab a bit of supplies I needed for a few projects. Not only was she fine with this, but she handed me a 20% off total purchase coupon for me to use. Between that and a coupon I had, I saved over $32! The biggest purchase there involved trim for the curtains and pelmet box for London’s new room and a bunch of little things I needed for some other projects, like scrapbook paper for the silhouette art project I was able to complete on Sunday.

Back at home, Cameron had the day to paint, completing the first coat of paint inside the office. Monday night I looked over the first coat and pointed out where touch up was necessary. He then completed the touch ups on Wednesday! Now I can get some cleaning done (lots of dusting involved with the blinds and the ceiling fan) and Cameron can focus on the baseboard!
Saturday night I completed a small craft project for our family room which I will go into more detail in a future post. It has to do with the clock I ordered for under the TV.

Sunday started early, with London waking up at 6:45 AM! While tired, I tried to be productive and completed all the dishes and laundry by naptime at 11:30 AM. Unfortunately for me, while I was tired, I couldn’t find sleep so I worked on the silhouette art project while Cameron and London napped. You can read about that here.
After my sleepy heads woke up, we headed over to Fry’s as Cameron was wanting to do some pricing research on parts for a new computer. After 8 or 9 years, his personal computer is in need of a refresh. He quickly determined it was going to be much cheaper to order the parts he wanted online!

On the way home we stopped in at Safeway to pick up dinner fixings for the week. By this time I was hitting a wall, so sleepy that I was not making much sense to Cameron at all and was also suffering from some back pain as a result of Sydney’s position at the time. As soon as we got home I hit the pillows for a solid hour-long nap.

We capped the weekend off by having dinner with Matt & Lynde. The plan was to go to our usual Mexican restaurant. It kind of slipped our minds that this restaurant is closed Sundays. We headed to Chevy’s after we pulled into the parking lot of Salsa Fresca and saw the closed sign.

Score of the weekend? Cameron and I now know where to go for good carnitas. I happened to order the tostada salad with carnitas. After the first bite I thought the meat was quite delicious, but didn’t say anything as I know Cameron is quite particular about carnitas and figured he wouldn’t be as blown away as I was. Good thing he stole a bite half way through the meal. He told me anything I couldn’t finish, he would be happy to take care of. I saved him a nice, large piece which he quite enjoyed.

~ Sarah

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