Aug 6, 2012

Weekend Update: I HATE ALLERGIES (from July 28 & 29)

NOTE: Sorry for this delayed post – what I thought was allergies turned out to be a cold that antibiotics cleared up quickly. More to come later

At least I think its allergies. I’ve always been susceptible to smoke. And on Thursday night, while driving over the Sac river on my way home, there was smoke, less than a quarter of a mile away on the bank of the river. It went right up into my AC and into the car. By the time I got home, my throat was already scratchy. I took a Claritin to try and ward off any more symptoms. No luck. By Friday morning I was miserable. And because of that, I told Cameron I would not be up for a trip to Reno/Carson City/Tahoe on Saturday. I knew the altitude change would just make things worse. I did go into work. It was one day, I could get through I - with a bit of help from Tylenol. Since I wasn’t going to make the trek up the mountains, Cameron took off before London and I got home. And because he wasn’t going to be home, London and I headed to the craft store to find some fabric I was after for her new room’s curtains. We struck out, but I did manage to waste some time before London’s bed time.

Back at home it was a quick dinner before we watched Finding Nemo in bed. Both of us were out by 9 PM. And while London slept in Saturday morning, it definitely wasn’t enough for me. We spent the rest of the day watching movies in bed or downstairs, with me laid out on the couch. I do have to give it to her though, she was on her best behavior. That didn’t stop me from texting Cameron that afternoon confirming he would be home that night. Cameron told me later that when he saw this text message he knew a visit to see his grandparents was out of the question. He made it home in time to put London to bed and both of us turned in early ourselves. Poor Cameron had been going through an insomnia phase over the last week, and was now experiencing all the altitude changes in his sinuses.

Sunday wasn’t very exciting either. Cameron let me sleep in and the rest of the day we all lounged around the house, trying to feel better. Because, while Cameron wasn’t suffering like I was, his sinuses were acting up from the change in altitude over the course of the last 24 hours.

So no, we did not meet our office remodel deadline of the end of July. We didn’t even get the texturing started.

~ Sarah

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