Aug 28, 2012

Weekend Update: August 25-26

It was another productive weekend for me, finishing London’s pillows and getting a lot of shopping done for other things we need for her room. I even started on Sydney’s stocking Saturday night!

Unfortunately, Cameron came down with a nasty head cold Wednesday night so he was pretty much on the couch all weekend except for Sunday afternoon for his Fantasy Football league’s draft day. By the time he got home from that, he was in even worse shape.

Luckily, we got him in to see our doctor yesterday afternoon, who put him on antibiotics so hopefully Cameron feels better soon. A side effect of the head cold has been an ear infection which has interfered with Cameron’s sleep which he needs for a speedy recovery.

And we need him back in good health as we are at a standstill with the office until the baseboards get in. He worked on it a little last week, adjusting the door frame to better accommodate molding and baseboards, but the poor guy just has no energy; he reminds me of me throughout the month of July. He even tried to find some energy last night, driving London and me to Home Depot and Lowe’s in search of a battery-operated nail gun. Unfortunately, they were either too expensive or were powered by an air compressor. Hopefully he finds what he needs online and at a reasonable price.

On Sunday, while Cameron and Matt were at their Draft, Lynde, London and I headed to the Sacramento Children’s Museum. We lasted about an hour. I can’t say I was too impressed. While it is supposed to be child-led, that makes it a bit more of a big play center than a learning center. There weren’t any signs explaining what each exhibit was or what a child was supposed to get from the experience.

And some kids were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Their parents just planted themselves on the chairs or benches nearby and played Words with Friends on their iPhones. There were one little guy running around with a cart full of fake food, which was amazingly heavy, and as he was running, he had his head down, so he couldn’t see where he was going. He ran into a few people and spilled the cart several times all while his dad just sat there watching him and smiling.

At least the parents of a little girl doing the same thing stopped her real quickly and even put her in time-out! The little boy almost took London out a couple of times which led me to end our time there.

We had more fun at Target any ways, purchasing the sheets, lamp and mattress pads for London’s room. Well, that was until we checked out. My experience at check out warrants its own post, which is coming, and resulted in my sending Target a very unhappy email yesterday. I would be even more upset about the experience when I got home and discovered that the checker had forgotten to give me the bag with my fresh mozzarella, which I paid for!

And still on Sunday, London and I made it to Home Depot to grab paint for her dresser and side table, along with little rollers to help Cameron with the painting of the office doors and frame.

~ Sarah

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