Aug 14, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: Disney & Pixar

London & Minnie
Cameron and I have always been fans of Disney Movies as well as Disney Pixar Movies. We’ve been buying the DVDs for years. Each time one has been released or rereleased, we've bought it - long before we were close to kids or even close to getting married. Now that love has been passed down to London, at least when it comes to Disney Pixar movies.

A couple of months ago, Cameron and I couldn’t take watching one more Yo Gabba Gabba episode, so we tried London with one of the Pixar movies, I think Toy Story. Since then she has discovered all the Disney movies stacked up together in our loft and will bring me one when she wants to watch a movie, which we regulate to weekends most of the time.

The movies that grab her attention the best? All the Pixar movies – Toy Story 1, 2 & 3, Monsters, Inc. Cars (although she is not a fan of Cars 2, yet), Finding Nemo and A Bugs Life. She can even ask for Nemo or Cars by name. Ok, so she says “I want Bye Bye” when she wants Cars, but we understand what she wants.
We’ve tried other Disney movies, like the Little Mermaid and Snow White, and while we got through The Little Mermaid fairly well, we only made it 15 minutes into Snow White. At least we have a new way of keeping her entertained when we need some down or quiet time. This came in very handy when I was sick and Cameron was in Tahoe.

Otherwise, the girl needs us as involved as possible or she wants to be involved in what we are doing. This can make loading or unloading the dishes in the dishwasher nearly impossible. The girl needs her sister here ASAP and at an age the two of them can interact and play together.

If we just need a few minutes, we often now turn to a Mickey’s Playhouse episode on On Demand. She is absolutely in love with Minnie Mouse. Vicki happened to pick London up a stuffed 2010 Minnie Mouse at Disneyland which she now adores. London loves Minnie so much that she cannot sleep without her. Guess what I’m thinking London will be for Halloween?

And the way London says Minnie Mouse is adorable. We’re working on Daisy Duck. London still says Ya Ya instead of Duck, which is her way of saying Quack Quack.

London’s actually started piecing together sentences and saying new words quite often now. Most people don’t understand her, but Cameron and I are quickly acclimating to her language. Instead of signing that she wants to eat, we now get “I want to eat” or “ I want moo” for milk. And she is understanding more and more of what we say day by day. She’s growing up so fast!

~ Sarah

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