Aug 11, 2012

Office Remodel Update

While we didn’t reach my end of July deadline to have the new office complete with Cameron moved in, last weekend, we did make progress!
First, Cameron got the texturing done on Saturday after our trip to the Zoo and Joe’s Crab Shack and even after a nice nap. I think it took less than an hour to complete and then we just had to wait for it to dry.

All the spots are texture

Which meant we were ready for paint last Sunday! That meant we had to decide on a color. With the time to purchase paint upon us, Cameron and I both started wavering between the two colors we had narrowed the selections down to. See, this is going to be the main color for the entire house and the pressure to pick the right one was on. So what did we do? We let London pick! Cameron held her up to the samples on the wall and asked her which one. She went with the darker shade, called Bone from Behr’s Primer and Paint in one collection.

And after Cameron got some of the paint on the wall around the windows, and it had time to dry, we both agreed London made the right choice. Hopefully Cameron is able to complete the painting by the end of this weekend. He got the first coat for the whole room completed today while I was up in Chico for a hair appointment and Vicki watched London.

You can kinda make out the paint around the windows : )
Then we just have to get the base boards, and possibly crown molding and move Cameron!

~ Sarah

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