Aug 20, 2012

London’s New Room Update

While progress on the office remodel and Cameron moving into it is definitely moving at a slower pace than I would like or am currently comfortable with, progress on projects for London’s room are proceeding.

This past weekend, I managed to get the curtains completed. I even asked London if she liked them when I was done and she said yes and asked if they were hers! You’ll have to wait and see them when her room is pulled together and revealed. Cross your fingers that this is sooner rather than later.

Last week, after searching the web, and in the stores of HomeGoods and Tuesday Morning, I finally found the kind of comforter I was envisioning. I wanted it to be blue as that is London’s current favorite color. And guess where I found it.

But it wasn’t that easy – of course not, not after all the searching I had done. The comforter wasn’t available for online orders and it seemed the twin/full size version wasn’t in stock in Sacramento, Emeryville or Palo Alto. There wasn’t even an expected in stock prognosis date available online or through store phone systems. By the way, try to avoid ever calling an Ikea’s phone system when they open. I have done this twice now and find if very aggravating – the system is either not own, or at least the stock prognosis line is not on until a good hour after the store has opened. This happened with both the Sacramento and Tempe, AZ stores.

Speaking of the Tempe, AZ store, online it showed they did have the comforter in the right size in stock. I called my mom for help. I asked if she and my dad could plan a visit to the Tempe store? My mom did one better and took her neighbor Barb with her this morning! Had she waited for my dad, they wouldn’t have been able to go until Thursday at the earliest. A quick call to my mom by 11 AM this morning and she already had the comforter in her bag, along with the recommended pillow to go inside the included, matching pillow sham as well as a few other special treats for London.

Here’s a picture of the comforter:

I completed the curtains by Sunday afternoon which meant I had the time to sit down and take measurements of the pillows for London’s bed and come up with designs for them. With the comforter coming with one matching pillow sham, I decided I only needed two large pillows to complement it, the curtains and the pelmet box and I wanted the design to be the same. Here is what I came up with, but image the solid orange to be a polka dot orange:

Recently, London received a package from my parents. In it was a cute vintage print Hawaiian dress, a turtle shirt from Hawaii, some PJs that I’ve been using as regular clothes (you cannot tell they are meant to be PJs and I think she should be on the beach combing for shells when she wears them) some socks, and some quilters squares for me to use in her room. There was solid orange, solid pink and then matching polka dot versions. The colors were spot on with the rest of the fabric and the orange is really going to help break up some of the pink!

The two smaller decorative pillows I wanted to be different. Here’s the design for the first one:

It will include the satin turquoise ribbon I used on the curtain as well as some of the left over trim on the pelmet box.

Here is the second:

I know this one will be a bit time consuming, but I think I will be able to get all these done by the end of the week. Wish me luck. All are going to have a sleeve back that have an inch over-lap at the slip so I can slip the covers on and off the pillows easily.

Here are the updated lists:

~ Sarah

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