Aug 17, 2012

London’s New Room Update

The Pelmet Box is complete! What do you think? I finished it Tuesday night. The trim adds a nice bit of bling, don’t you think? The Tutorial coming soon. I have lots of steps and photos to organize first.

Now on to the curtains. I started on those Tuesday night, cutting the pieces for the bottom of the panels and pinning them together. Since then I have cut out all the pieces I need except for the canvas. Guess what my goal is tonight? Hopefully I can get the curtains finished by the end of the weekend and possibly move onto the throw pillows. Here’s the design I am working off of for the curtains:

We also found the perfect dresser for London’s room. It needs a little TLC, like putting a door back on and then, of course, a paint job to go with the room. The best part is it was free! Well, free for me. Cameron has to fix a few dry rot spots on his mom’s house in exchange for it but totally worth it. Hopefully we can pick it up next weekend,

We forgot that Vicki has a garage/attic full of old furniture just waiting for new homes. This one was Carrie’s old dresser and is just what I was looking for – a standup/tall dresser, something with charm to it and that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Definitely the score of the week and so much better than the $100 unfinished dresser I found in the Ikea catalog. Now I need to get over to Home Depot to get some paint. I’m also looking at getting some funky knobs for it. But for now, here’s the before pic:

And here are my updated lists. I’m not including the Wishlist as I won’t even consider it until the Needs and To Dos list are done any way.

~ Sarah

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