Aug 13, 2012

London’s New Room Update

This is the fabric I settled on. So many colros to choose from for accents!
Even though London’s new room is still occupied as Cameron’s office, it has not stopped us from getting ready for it to be London’s room. I’ve created a list of what we need/what I want for her room, along with a list of what I need/want to get done for it. And I’m focusing my extra energy in August to these tasks so that by the time Cameron gets moved out, I get it cleaned and Cameron gets it painted, moving in will be a synch. Sydney’s stocking, unfortunately is on hold until then. But that way September will be dedicated to getting ready for her arrival.

We started the process two Thursdays ago (August 2), heading over to Ikea for London’s new bed as we had to buy it by that Sunday to get the 20% off. Unfortunately, the bed was out of stock and would not be back in until the next morning! We still walked out with the mattresses, the inner parts of the decorative pillows I plan to make and a main pillow for London as well as 3 8x10 frames I need for a project. We also picked up 4 candles for Lynde as payment for watching London Tuesday night so we could have our belated Anniversary celebration.

It all worked out though, as Cameron was going to be back in the area the next day and was able to pick up the bed then. It’s now taking up residence in our garage, but not before Cameron strained a muscle in his back moving it into and out of the car. Poor guy. Even in all his pain he got down on the floor with me that Sunday night to pick up London’s toys even after I yelled at him to sit back down and relax. A bit of a role reversal as its usually Cameron yelling at me to take it easy and not over due it.

And earlier that week, after striking out on getting the fabric I originally wanted to use for curtains and color inspiration in London’s room, I did find an suitable alternative, so that and two coordinating fabrics were ordered. All have arrived so I have started on some projects with it.
On of those projects was the pelmet box. I started that on Sunday, August 5.  I've been taking pictures throughout the process so watch for a tutorial as soon as I finish it. I just need to add some more batting and then the fabric and trim before I will call it complete. My hope is to have that done by the end of this week so this weekend I can focus on the curtains. All this depends on my energy levels in the evenings. 
And being the organized person I am, I do have my lists. I'll post these images, updated accordingly with future updates for you to follow along if you'd like:



~ Sarah

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