Aug 27, 2012

Fall Decorating

The downfall of Pinterest? There are just so many amazing ideas out there! One board I have is dedicated to all things Fall , which started as Fall Décor but then I started to add fall recipes and such, so the name change was necessary.

And being the pregnant, body-heat-radiating woman that I seem to be these days, I am sooooo ready for fall. At least the weather has seemed to start to turn, for the time being, with crisp mornings and evenings. It’s still getting up into the 90s during the warm parts of the day.

The sad part is this change in weather has me antsy to start running again. I probably won’t get the greenlight to until mid-December 

Now I am contemplating decorating for fall next weekend, versus waiting for the first day of fall, which is September 22 – at that rate I might as well just wait to decorate for Halloween, which is what I normally do. It doesn’t help that London’s daycare has all their fall decorations up, since they are in Back-to-school mode. And quick trip into HomeGoods yesterday had all their fall décor and Halloween décor out for sale.

I feel like Fall gets a bum rap in our house. Since I usually I do wait to decorate I don’t decorate until October, which of course means I’m focused solely on Halloween. Fall does go up the day/week after Halloween, but the time it gets to be showcased seems so short. The day after Thanksgiving, I am head first into the Christmas decorations and Christmas music.

Should I put my fall décor up early this year?


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