Aug 8, 2012

Baby Bump Wednesdays: Weeks 27 & 28

How far along: 27 weeks

What Fruit or Vegetable size is Baby: Cauliflower/Rutabaga (Didn’t I just have these two recently?)
Average Size: 13.6 to 14.8 inches, 1.5 to 2.5 lbs
What’s going on with Baby’s development: Sydney’s sleeping and waking at regular intervals (which I can tell by her movements) and has more brain tissue developing. She is also becoming more active and is capable of getting the hiccups, which I noticed she got once this last week.
Total weight gain: 20 lbs.
Stretch marks: Score of the week – I found my Bio Oil at Costco, which meant I got an additional 2 FL OZ to the usual 4 FL OZ for the same price I would have paid for only the 4 FL OZ at any other store! We’ve put the Palmer’s oil aside until I run out again. Just not digging the smell of the Palmers at all.
Sleep: Sleep since Thursday has been rough thanks to the usual pregnancy side effects and a massive head cold that is the result of allergies.
Best moment of this last week: London being an angel on Saturday when I was feeling my worst from the cold/allergies.
Miss anything: Wine, Corona, running, spicy tuna rolls, being able to put shoes on without hurting my belly
Movement: More and more each week. Sydney still likes to move and put pressure on me in certain areas, but I also get the little kicks more and more. She really loves to put pressure on me when I can’t adjust to compensate – like driving. At least she still lets me fall asleep.
Food cravings: Sautéed Mushrooms
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: Nope.
Belly button in or out: out
Wedding rings on or off: Off
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and anxious
Looking forward to in the next week: Starting Sydney’s stocking and getting closer to completing the office.

I know I should have started the stocking last week, but I focused on smaller projects instead. And we definitely did not meet my end of July deadline for the office, given Cameron was in Tahoe Friday night and most of Saturday. He then focused on London most of Sunday since I was still feeling pretty crummy. He did get the sanding done, so we are one step closer. And I’ve ordered the fabric needed for London’s new room’s curtains, so once it arrives I can get to work making those and picking colors from it to add depth to her room. The bed I want for London is on sale through Sunday so we’ll be making a trip out to IKEA to get it before then. We’ll get there soon (I Hope!)

How far along: 28 weeks
What Fruit or Vegetable size is Baby: Chinese Cabbage/Eggplant
Average Size: 13.6 - 14.8 inches, 1.5 - 2.5 lbs
What’s going on with Baby’s development: can blink her eyes, which are also equipped with eyelashes now. Her brain continues to develop as is her baby fat.
Total weight gain: 26 lbs.
Stretch marks: Love you bio oil – still no new stretch marks and I swear the old ones look better
Sleep: Sleep has been really great lately. Only getting up 1-2 times night and with the occasional cool nights I can actually sleep under a sheet which is comforting. Of course, poor Cameron is freezing on these nights. Luckily he has Tulley and even Kelsey Lou snuggled up next to him, so he’s not suffering too bad.
Best moment of this last week: Feeling better!
Miss anything: Wine, Corona, running, spicy tuna rolls, being able to put shoes on without hurting my belly
Movement: We went to see the Dark Knight last night. Some of the music included drums and Sydney kicked anytime that music was on! Cameron even got to feel a few.
Food cravings: Sautéed Mushrooms – still haven’t satisfied this yet!
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: Nope. 11 weeks to go!
Belly button in or out: out
Wedding rings on or off: Off
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to in the next week: Working on craft projects for London’s room and getting closer to the office being done!

We saw the doctor last Thursday on our Anniversary. We’re all set to meet Sydney on October 24 at 7:30 AM! Which means we have to be at the hospital long before I would like to be up. Oh well, it will be worth it. I also had my blood glucose test last week, which involved two hours of my life, a 12-hour fast and 3 needle pricks. The sad part is I failed it by 1 step – the doctors and nurses all said that wasn’t fair, that people with gestational diabetes fail by 30 to 40 steps. So I’ve been asked to watch the carbs and sweets and I’ll have to do some form of test in a month to see if anything has changed for the better or worse, but they do not feel I have gestational diabetes at this time.

And as expected, I am anemic, so I am now on iron pills, just like I was with London. The doctor said this is normal for 60-70% of pregnant women.

I also got a 4th needle prick for the week with the Rh shot since I have a negative blood type and both Cameron and London have a positive type. I forgot how much that shot hurt – and where you have to get it. I had a red welt on my butt the rest of the day and it hurt through Sunday! And guess what, if Sydney is positive I get another one when I am in the hospital!

The best result of the doctor visit was him putting me on antibiotics for my head/nasal congestion. He said considering I was sick at the beginning of July and was again for the last 7 days, I probably had something antibiotics could help. I was feeling better by Saturday and normal by Monday. Too bad I didn’t get on them in time to prevent the 2 hour coughing fit I experienced in the early hours of Friday morning.

I also start going to the doctor every two weeks since I have finally made it to the 3rd Trimester! We’re in the home stretch which means we really need to get cracking on the office and London’s room!

~ Sarah

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