Aug 22, 2012

Baby Bump Wednesday: 30 Weeks

How far along: 30 weeks
What Fruit or Vegetable size is Baby: Cucumber/Head of Cabbage (Swear we have had these options already!)
Average Size: 15.2-16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8 lbs
What’s going on with Baby’s development: Sydney’s skin is getting smoother and her brain more wrinkly. Plus she is now strong enough to grasp a finger. Hard to believe how soon it will be before she is grasping ours!
Total weight gain: 26 lbs.
Stretch marks: Still none
Sleep: I’m starting to wish for a night without dreams as they are getting weirder and weirder and are interfering with me getting a good night’s sleep.
Best moment of this last week: Going to the doctor’s and learning I didn’t gain any weight in two weeks! Plus, thanks to my mom, we secured the perfect comforter for London’s new room.
Miss anything: Wine, Corona, spicy tuna rolls, being able to bend over easily and right now especially, running.
Movement: Sydney is more of a wiggler and mover than a kicker, except when I have a contraction. Now I’m really glad for a scheduled C-section. As long as she doesn’t decide to come early I’ll avoid what I can only imagine would be a punching-bag marathon for labor.
Food cravings: Finally had my sautéed mushrooms last week. Not wanting anything in particular at the moment, except wine, and I can't satisfy that for a little while longer.
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: Have had a contraction here and there but nothing to signal an early delivery date. 9 weeks to go!
Belly button in or out: out
Wedding rings on or off: Off
Happy or moody most of the time: A little anxious, and tired which has brought on the moodiness more.
Looking forward to in the next week: The weekend so I can get a little more sleep and getting baseboards up in the office.

We had a doctor’s appointment last Thursday, as we are now on the every two weeks schedule - the first signal that the time is drawing near. All is going well. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t gain any weight in between appointments as I know now is when I can really put it on. I actually didn’t see the doctor, but the nurse mid-wife. And I think she jinxed me. She asked if I had had any contractions. I’ve had Braxton hicks here and there, but not any true contractions. She warned us that they are more likely with a second child and told me that if anything becomes consistent to head for the hospital but not to worry if there were a few here and there.

Well, Saturday I had one. I had been doing stuff around the kitchen, not to mention the yard work and a walk. Still it caught me off guard. The second it happened, I quickly went and sat down as I took it as a sign to slow down and relax. I’ve only had one more since then and that was on Monday when we were walking around Costco. We’re fast walkers and being at Costco is no different. As soon as the contraction hit, I slowed it down, trailing further and further behind Cameron and London. I’m crossing my fingers that any more I have are just one-off instances like these and that I don’t go into full-fledged labor at all. Just let me get to October 24, please! Which is only 9 weeks away!
Sydney didn't seem to enjoy the contractions much herself. Man can she get going on me when one does hit - I definitely felt like a punching bag and in those moments they reminded me more of when I carried London. I may have had a contraction last night as well, as Sydney woke me up, punching bag style.

I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. Single digit weeks to go is a bit crazy to think about. And at the same time, the way I am feeling most days, the time can’t go by quick enough. I'm definitely entering that phase where I am uncomfortable more of the time than not. And the radiating body heat sucks! It’s finally cooling off at night again so we can have a fan going in the window to draw in the cool air, and Monday night I actually got to sleep with a blanket over me. It’s no fun when you go to hug your husband and he says that you are so hot you are making him sweat within seconds of the hug!

~ Sarah

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