Aug 9, 2012

A Belated Anniversary

From The Duck Call

Last Thursday was Cameron’s and my 4th wedding anniversary. We both are starting to understand why people can forget how many years they have been married now, as it all is blurring together and life gets busier and busier it seems. The day was not lost on us completely. And while we may have said “I do” 4 years ago, it was over 10 years ago that we actually started dating! We got to spend the majority of the day together, given we had a doctor’s appointment that involved a trip to Target to pick up my antibiotics and a side trip to Jamba Juice for lunch given I didn’t have London around to drink ½ of my smoothie.

We had planned on having Lynde come over that night to watch London so we could go out to dinner and see The Dark Knight Rises, but I was still feeling pretty crummy so I asked if we could postpone to Tuesday. Both Lynde and Cameron were fine with it. So instead of a date night, it was a shortened family night with all of us going to Ikea to get supplies for London’s new room and having Burger King for dinner. To top the day off, I headed to bed early.

Luckily, the antibiotics kicked in and I am feeling much better. Cameron and I were both ready for our date night Tuesday night. With the movie 2 hours and 45 minutes, we had a quick meal at Taco Bell, then snuck our giant soda into the packed movie theatre! We were shocked how packed it was for a Tuesday night, even though it is summer and movies are only $5 on Tuesday nights. And it wasn’t just people there to see The Dark Knight – people were there to see Total Recall and Brave as well. It was the first time I have ever seen a line at this movie theatre and one of two times I’ve actually had to pay for a ticket at the actual ticket counter outside versus inside at the snack bar!

The Dark Knight Rises did not disappoint either. Cameron and I both loved it and if it weren’t for the need of a baby sitter, we would see it in theatres again. It was so good, I didn’t want to get up and pee until it was over. No small feat for a 7-months pregnant woman for over 3 hours after having a giant soda!
Sydney seemed to enjoy the show as well. Any time the rhythmic drum music was playing during action scenes, she was kicking right along. Cameron even got to feel a few kicks.

The only problem with such a high intensity movie at night on a weekday? It left Cameron and I amped the rest of the night. We finally fell asleep around midnight. But it was a great date night that we need to have more often. Hopefully next year we’ll have time for our weekend on the coast as well.

~ Sarah

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