Jul 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: A Reunion Unlike Any Other

The weekend after Father’s Day found us back in Chico. And what a difference a week made. When we went up for my hair appointment Father’s Day weekend it was hovering around 105 degrees. That weekend? 75! It was a beautiful weekend to be in Chico. The reason for our visit was for Cameron’s fraternity’s reunion. And by the time the weekend rolled around every one who was attending was eagerly anticipating it while those that could not must have been thoroughly bummed. It wasn’t just our core group of friends meeting up in Chico. It was any one who had been in the fraternity since it started in Chico back in 1983!

Luckily, Vicki was able to watch London for us, so I could attend the festivities up in Chico with Cameron and act as a Designated Driver for him and for our friend Miller, whose wife was unable to attend.

We started our day in Chico at the brewery and before long Fraternity members and their significant others had filled up the entire bar section of the back porch – both sitting and standing room. We got to meet several members of the original pledge class as well as one of their fathers, a father who was responsible for getting the Chico chapter established – he was a member of the Fraternity through the ASU chapter! It was pretty awesome to learn some of the history and see what a bond all these people still had after all these years. We spent most of the afternoon on the back patio of Sierra Nevada before heading over to Joe’s.

Good old Joes. It’s been remodeled since Cameron and I were last there yet it hasn’t changed all that much. There’s still saw dust on the floor. Instead of peanuts, they serve chips and salsa and instead of one TV there are several. The only other noticeable difference was the hall to the back patio, the updated bathrooms and the front of the building being extended maybe 5 feet. Most of our core group of friends met at Joes to take care of some fantasy football business, which was settled in 10 minutes, tops. Then it was all about catching up and reminiscing; nothing unusual for us. And just after 5 we headed over to the Bear for the main festivities.

An older alum of the fraternity had rented out the top floor of the Bear for the actual reunion. The bar was open and the drinks began flowing. After grabbing a quick Bear burger downstairs, we headed up. Before the reunion was over, a group photo was taken. I’d say there were 40-50 fraternity members crowded on the dance floor for that moment where they lingered to celebrate their fraternity. In was quite a sight for all the wives and significant others watching from above on the steps.

And people still lingered after 9 PM, when upstairs was opened up to everyone. Of course, at that time the music was turned up even more and college-aged kids started to swarm. A group of us made it outside to the back patio to cool off. There, we took in the current college crowd. In some ways we felt really old and in other ways we were all glad we weren’t in that phase of our lives any more. The girls and I mainly wondered if we’d ever really cared what we looked like when we went to the bars nightly. Some of these girls were dressed to every last trendy detail. I used to go out in summer wearing tank tops, shorts, flip flops and my hair in two braids. These girls were sporting the current trend of ankle boots and messy up-dos. And some of them were not pulling it off at all!

At some point people were getting hungry again and we split into even smaller groups as we made our ways to different late night eateries. Cameron and I found ourselves at Woodstock’s Pizza. Someone had made the mistake of mentioning it earlier in the day and I could not get it out of my mind. It reminded me of when my roommate Heather and I would order a pizza for delivery on our way home from the bars. We always walked home from there and arrived just in time for our pizza to arrive nice and hot.

We made it back to Vicki’s by 1:30 PM. Cameron and I were joking that last call was going on back in town. But good thing we made it to bed by 2 AM. I think Cameron was up by 5 AM with the sun that came streaming in, right on his face. I was up by 7 AM as the room was heating up – it had been cool when we went to bed so we didn’t turn the fan on and Cameron had actually turned the heated mattress pad on. I was roasting by the time I woke up. And soon London would wake up too.

We made it home just in time for lunch and naps. Unfortunately, London had fallen asleep in the car so she took a short nap. I would get up with her and then go back down for a longer nap once Cameron woke up. To sum up Sunday, it was a lazy day of lounging or napping. I did somehow get 3 loads of laundry done and our room picked up, which was more than I expected to accomplish so I was pleased all the same.

It did remind me why as parents we don’t go to the bars and party very often. It was a lot easier to live that lifestyle when you could be lazy and sleep all day the day after! Still, it was fun to relive our younger days a little, even if I couldn’t partake in all the activities of the day.

~ Sarah

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