Jul 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Father’s Day! And Wicked! And Office Remodel Update – Carpet!

Father's Day weekend was fairly mellow, even though we were hardly home. Saturday was spent in Chico so I could get my hair done.

Then we headed back down to Biggs for a visit with Vicki and Joe, as well as Dhawn and Amanda who had just arrived from Phoenix. We caught up over dinner and made it home just as it was getting dark and put London straight to bed.
That Sunday, of course, was Father’s Day. Cameron received his gift on Wednesday when it arrived – a Shutterfly photo book containing only images of Melody. We recently read an article that suggested creating a photo album of a pet after the loss of it, so I did. While it does make us sad to look through it, it also reminds me of how happy Melody appeared to be with us and confirms for me that we provided her with a good life. As odd as it sounds, we’ve been keeping the book in our bathroom and I think we both flip through it whenever we are in there.

London woke up pretty early on Father’s Day so I got up with her to let Cameron sleep in. Not that he slept in long, as he had some things he wanted to complete before it we dropped London off at Lauren’s for the afternoon. I also made him a Dutch Baby for breakfast as he had recently requested one. We slather ours with butter, powdered sugar and lemon juice. The lemon juice what had sparked Cameron's craving for it.

And the reason we needed to have London watched by Lauren that afternoon? We had tickets to the musical Wicked! The Thursday prior, one of my co-workers was walking around looking to unload 4 tickets as he and his family could no longer attend the performance. And he didn’t want anything for them! They were fantastic tickets – Row U in the Orchestra section, smack dab in the middle of the seating and priced at $83 each. Matt & Lynde were the lucky friends that spoke up first saying they could go when we started asking people to fill the last two tickets.

When we arrived at the theatre we learned that the show was ending that very day. It had only been performing in Sacramento since May 23. And it was fantastic, though the sound guy failed a few times here and there – they literally forgot to turn a mic on during a key line! The woman playing Elphaba also wasn’t as good as the one Cameron and I saw in London, but then again, the performer was the stand-by and not the usual performer. The biggest difference Cameron and I noticed was in the crowd. Apparently Sacramento is a bit rowdier than London, even San Francisco, clapping at the end of almost every song and erupting after a key scene at the end.

After the performance, the four of us grabbed some dinner in downtown before heading home. Of course, London had a grand time with Lauren and Woodrow. In the end, we had a fairly low key Father's Day weekend, which we were due for.

~ Sarah


  1. A dutch baby - I was trying to remember what those yummy things were we used to make at your house. Will you send me the recipe?

    1. Sure - it's real easy:

      3/4 cups flour
      3/4 cups milk
      3 eggs

      Heat the over to about 400 degrees. While it is preheating, place an oven-proof skillet in the oven with 1/2 a stick of butter to melt.

      Mix the eggs, milk and flour together and pour into the warm skillet. It usually cooks for about 20 minutes, but keep an eye on it after 10-15.

      To add a twist you can add skinned apple slices covered in a little sugar and cinnamon to the mixture as well.

    2. Oh yeah - I use a cast iron skillet. I've used another type of skillet before but they just don't turn out the same. If you don't have one already it is worth the investment. I also use it to make ratatouille.