Jul 26, 2012

Weekend Update: A Summer Storm

Not much to report from this week. Cameron continued to slowly move forward on completing the inside of the new office, though I am not sure he is going to meet my end of July deadline. And who knows when the outside will be complete. Stay tuned for a fill office remodel update as I know it has been a long time coming.

Other than that, I worked on picking up the house, which is quite normal these days as I don’t have any energy throughout the week to do so, along with Laundry. I did tackle one craft project and started another. I finally managed to get things together and pull together a Disneyland Memory Box commemorating London’s first trip and set of ears. What do you think?

I also started another memory frame commemorating our trip to Cancun last year, which I finished last night. Now I feel like I can focus on Sydney’s stocking and London's new room.

That’s about it. We did run a few errands on Saturday & Sunday, partially thanks to London’s nighttime shenanigans mentioned in my Toddler Tuesday post this week as well as looking for a mantel clock to put under our TV in the family room. And we did find one, online, after we went to two stores. Once it arrives, I’ll take a picture and explain why it was needed.

Sunday night (more like the wee hours of Monday morning) we did have some excitement. Some monsoonal moisture blew in, starting around midnight which had us waking up to Thunder and Lightning. Given we have a dry, primed for combustion, field behind our house, Cameron and I didn’t sleep well, anticipating the need to jump out of bed and evacuate at any moment should the lightning spark a fire. We even slept with the blinds open because of the storm which just added to keeping us up as we could see the lightning through our closed eyelids.  

Luckily, no fire was sparked. Enough moisture came with this unforeseen storm (not one local weatherman saw it coming!) to keep the strikes from sparking too much. I heard of one fire that it sparked Monday morning on my way to work, which didn’t become anything and it was plenty far away from us.

Cameron and I weren’t the only ones kept up by the storm. Tulley was on look out at the end of the bed, staring out the window. And while I never heard London, she was pretty cranky and sleepy Monday morning as well. Next time I’ll get the baby monitor and turn it on to see how affected she is by a storm – it’s not like I get much sleep any way.

The storm also brought some strong winds, albeit brief, which resulted in London’s outdoor toys being scattered across the backyard. Luckily, when I did inventory Monday morning, all were there. And because of the storm, I went to bed with London Monday night at 7:30 PM! Tulley was right beside me. Unfortunately, Cameron has been swamped with work this week and going through one of his insomnia phases, so he just got a 45 minute nap before he went back to work. He didn’t make it back until midnight that night. Hopefully he catches up on some sleep soon, though I’m not sure when that will be.

Hope you all have a wonderful & restful rest of the week and weekend ahead of yourselves.

~ Sarah

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