Jul 16, 2012

Weekend Update: London’s 2nd Birthday Party!

Ok, so I am waaay behind on my posts between Weekend Wrap-ups, the office remodel and Baby Bump Wednesdays, so I am going to try and do my best to get us caught up. Let's start with the weekend before London's birthday, June 2 - the weekend we held London's birthday party!

Of course, we didn't just celebrate London's birthday as the three of us at the aquarium. We did throw London quite the birthday bash the week before she turned two.
My dad had spent the majority of May up in Chico covering for a pediatrician friend and it made more sense to have my mom fly in, celebrate and have the two of them drive home just as my dad was finishing up work, versus having them stay an extra week so they could be here to celebrate or have them miss the party altogether (which would never fly!).
The party came just in time, too. We really needed something good to focus on with Melody and the daycare drama that happened the two days leading up to the event.
The theme was bubbles. London loves bubbles, though this love has waned recently. And, we got lucky that it wasn’t a scorcher of a day. It was warm, but a there was also a strong breeze coming through. This allowed most of the kids to be outside and made for some easy blowing of bubbles for the toddlers. All they had to do was pull the wand out of the solution and bunches of bubbles would go flying away.
Unfortunately, it was too windy for the giant bubbles I had planned on doing. I couldn’t get the yarn-covered hanger out of the bubble solution with the solution fully intact before the wind would pop it. Oh well. All the kids seemed to have a grand time.
In all, we had 37 people in attendance throughout the afternoon, but by 7 PM it was just my parents, Cameron, London and I. And London was definitely ready for bed early. The best surprise of the day was the arrival of Emily and little 2-month-old Elijah from San Francisco. I know it was a long drive for Emily, but it was so awesome to see her and meet Eli.
This year I focused only on the decorations, having fun decorating the family room and kitchen for the party. Here's what it looked like:

While the streamers have come down, the balls still hang in both the family room and kitchen. This is partly because we've been busy or I've been lazy and partly because, they don't look that bad.
For a long while the bubbles also drove Jake nuts, which is a form of entertainment for him, and us, right?

I’m also considering spray painting the balls in my holiday décor colors and hanging them in a similar fashion for the holidays. I’m sure Sydney will enjoy looking up at them!  Maybe I will even paint and hang a few over her crib as well.
London received many wonderful gifts – boy is she loved! Some of the highlights included a new table, just her size. It came in handy to seat the kids at for cupcake time.

Then there is her new tricycle that includes a handle that we can use to push London in for walks until she really can turn the pedals on her own.

Another favorite is her new baby doll and a stroller that London can push her in, as well as a singing cake with candles. She barely grasped the concept of blowing out the candles after we sang to her at the party, but by the next day, after playing with the cake for a good hour, the girl has it down!
And then there is the little piano. London goes over and plays it a couple times a week.

~ Sarah

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