Jul 20, 2012

Weekend Update and The 4th of July

We slipped in a little walk on the 4th as well. London decided she wanted ride her new trike!
We had a quiet weekend planned at home the weekend before the 4th of July. Cameron did some work on the office remodel, which I will go into more detail later, while London played and I worked on finishing her Stocking and creating some black-out curtains for her/soon-to-be Sydney’s room. I ended up completing both on the 4th.

We tried to host a BBQ for the 4th but it seems all our friends had the same idea of staying close to home, which didn’t bother us at all. We had some fireworks left over from last year that we planned to light that evening in the street out front versus battling the crowds to take in our city’s professional display.

It all worked out well. We barbequed and Lynde joined us. When it came time to do fireworks, we discovered many of our neighbors were out front getting set up for fireworks as well, so we walked a few doors down to join the crowd and we all pulled our fireworks together for a long display. I think we had at least 5 houses from our street represented by the number of neighbors and their friends lined up along the sidewalks. Most of the men handled the entertainment. And we all just sat and chatted while we watched the colors and flames, making fun of the short, sad displays and saying our ooohs and aaahhs for the good ones. At one point, a ladder did catch fire, but nothing we weren’t prepared for. We joked that our neighbor should save the ladder for next year for the sole purpose of helping us display our fireworks again!

Unfortunately, London didn’t do so well with the fireworks this year. The first one she saw and heard pretty much scared her stiff – she didn’t know which way or who to run too until she found me. Cameron and I both tried to calm her down but it was useless. She was exhausted from the day, not taking a long nap like we had hoped. I put her to bed after the first few fireworks. Luckily for me, her baby monitor reached Lauren and Woodrow’s driveway where some of us were gathered, so I was able to watch the fun without worrying about London.

Tulley and her puppy Molly, on the other hand, did fantastic. Tulley wanted to be next to Cameron all night long as she kept thinking the fireworks were gunfire and she desperately wanted to be told to go get a bird! Molly was not fazed by the noise at all, just running around playing with Tulley and saying hello to everyone.

After all the fireworks had exploded, many of us stayed out front catching up more. It was a reminder to Cameron and me about how lucky we are to be on our street surrounded by such wonderful, friendly neighbors.

~ Sarah

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